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Dex Flexes- Super Sized Review

  • The Flash
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  • Gotham
  • Arrow
  • Age of Ultron

Hey Team, sorry I missed you all last week I was really under the weather. But I’m back with a super large review for you! Where Do I start?


Gotham All Happy Families Are Alike 4 stars. I loved how they “killed” all the growing subplots by having them all converge in a gangster-style wrap-up. Penguin orchestrated the war and it unfolds perfectly. Fish Mahoney Returns, Falcone and Maroni are in the middle of a war. To have to the key characters converged at one pivotal scene was so great. In the end all main villains die or retire to Florida to not bother us in Gotham again. The Penguin is left standing proclaiming to be King of the World. The subplots kill me in this show- Who are they changing Barbara Gordon into? Help me get to the bottom of this. We know that Barbara and Jim Gordon are supposed to birth Batgirl! When? They are headed in two different directions. Help me team on this one. And the separate TV show of Bruce Wayne finding out his family’s secrets is a slow walk through boring! But the writers heard me and in the final scene- the Bat Cave is discovered! Yay! No more boring! As for the future of Gotham, it will seem the Gordon is going to be on a rise to power as all of the mini villains pop up, as Penguin thinks he is the Kingpin. Now the boy becoming a man story might take too long for me watching Bruce turn into the Man! Over all a very good first season, a little too dark (does the sun ever shine in Gotham) for my taste but good none the less.


The Flash: The Trap & Grodd Lives 5 stars & 4 and a half stars. Let’s just say I didn’t see that coming! I shall give you a quick overview of both episodes. Dr. Wells is called out by Cisco’s dreams. They recreated the fateful scene from weeks ago, but with a different outcome. Meta Human Hannibal Bates is made to look like Dr. Wells and he is shot. Dr. Wells gets away. But not before Iris and Eddie are about to get engaged, The Reverse Flash grabs Eddie and takes him captive. Iris confronts Joe and Barry for keeping the Flash secret and wants to help in getting Eddie back. But Grodd lives!! A super intelligent gorilla that slows Barry down! General Eiling is mind controled by Grodd to rob gold transports. Once he is captured it leads them to Grodd in the sewers. Team Barry go on the hunt for him and Joe gets captured. Now Iris is really mad. She wants Eddie and her father back. Barry and Cisco save the day by blocking Grodds mind control and get Joe back. This sets us up with the 2 part season finale! Like I’ve always said- this is the way Superhero TV show should be. I really thought stretching out with Grodd would be boring because I never liked Grodd in the comics and could never come close to his character in the comics but this was good exhale before the finale match between Flash and the Reverse Flash. I understand Flash will enlist some help. It seems like it would be like a good Family reunion to see them all go at it in one show! Now for a little guesswork: While Dr. Wells was posturing with Eddie, he let slip some history: He said out of all the long and illustrious line of the Thawne’s Eddie doesn’t amount to anything in history. Isn’t that same theory of the Lore of Booster Gold? So there is 2 lines of thought here- TV Flash is going to change Booster Golds origin to Eddie, or Eddie does something in the future that will get erased and He and the Flash have something to do with since The Flash (or Booster Gold also) can Time travel.


Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Scars, 4 and a half stars. Very surprised at the ending with Jaiying losing her mind at the end and starting the war! She done lost her mind. I also thought Gonzalas was going to trick her into the indexing but she’s the one with the loony plot! You don’t want to war with Shield cause they could call the Avengers on you. The episode begins with a flash back to a year ago when we understand where the Theata protocol comes into effect. Then we flash forward to the infighting with Shield and Quasi Shield, but they getting back to the original Shield- a Director and advisors. Mac quits because he can’t trust Coulson. But I think that sets up the Mockingbird spin off with Bobbi Morse. Bobbi gets kidnapped by Ward but I hope Ward won’t be in this spin off. We’ll see what happens with that. Skye sets up the meeting with Coulson and Jaiying at Afterlife, but Gonzalas switches with Coulson. It’s a good thing cause he gets zapped by the teragon crystal, and Jaiying shoots herself to begin the war! I am not sitting well with Team Coulson being the ones who sets off the war with the Inhumans, let’s see how it plays out on TV folks.


Arrow, or should we say Al Sah-Him, 3 and half stars. This show is getting me so angry that I might need counseling!! How is he getting so Zombie-fied with Ras Al-Ghul, he’s killing me. Ollie wake Up!!!!! He’s was sent to kill Nissa, but he doesn’t. Instead he brings her back, not before meeting up with Team Arrow. But they couldn’t stop him. Now Ras has tricked Ollie to marry Nissa and to unleash some plague on Starling City…. yada, yada, yada. I am literally crying now, this show is killing me. The only way this show can redeem itself is if this is all Oliver’s way of getting close to Ras and eventually killing him! It looks like Team Arrow comes to Nanda Parbatt. It hurts so bad, it like a superhero soap opera. They fail to wake Ollie and send home with their heads hanging low. Wow****Update**** Arrow, This is your Sword. 4 stars. Ollie is playing this really close; His plan to get Ras to brink of full control is playing it too close. The only way to redeem this for me is an all-out all-star battle Royal Arrow style. And that’s what it looks like for the season finale which includes a guest appearance by the Flash. This episode included the newest step child of Team Arrow- The Atom. Yeah, yeah until you get your own show, you can hang with us .Kitana comes to town to tell Team Arrow about Ollie’s plot which includes the spreading the plague on the city. So, off goes Team Arrow to Nanda Parbatt. And in a bad episode of Scooby Doo, they get caught. The Wedding takes place, while they lie in prison sucking up some bad plague mist-Cliff Hanger! If I knew the future of this show, I would just have fast forward to these last 2 episodes and would have been satisfied. Come on Team Arrow Wake up!!!!


Avengers: Age of Ultron!! 5 stars! Not as good as the first on but better than most sequel. But is this really a sequel? This story was presented to us on so many different platforms that this is more of a continuing story of the Marvel universe. But this movie has it all; great cast, great and funny writing, and a Megalomaniac villain in Ultron, voice by the ultimate villain voice of James Spader- Red Reddington. The jokes just come rapid fire in this one, and that help you to understand why this Team may not be the same at the end because they tire of this so much they find the silliness in it that they are ready to move on to normalcy. Thus the theme of the story Family, togetherness and normalcy. And with that Ultron is created because of Tony Stark’s need for all of the above. Ultron grows out of control. He was created to protect the human race, but he is an A.I. And A.I.’s learn, and he learns that in order to protect the humans you must destroy the humans so they can start anew. To begin with, destroy the Avengers. My favorite lines from Ultron (in the Red Reddington voice ) I’m glad you asked that, because I wanted to explain my evil plan.” And- “There are no Strings on me!!” So cool! So the quick version of this story: The story begins in Captain America with Hydra takes over Shield, Cap gets it back, Loki’s septor is grabbed by Shield but recovered by Hydra. All of this is seen in the TV show Agents of Shield. Which lead to them finding where the septor is, but the Avengers take it back. Tony gets an idea, makes Ultron with the jewel in the septor. Ultron evolves and goes on a rampage. He unleashes some enhance minions on the Avenger- the twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Ultron want to put his essence into a human form. Creates the Vision before completing it the Avengers steal it back. The Twins switch side and become a part of the Avengers. Thor has a dream to catch us up on the Marvel universe so far: all the jewels we’ve seen so far fit in a gauntlet- glove of Thanos, so Loki’s gem is a part of that and it is going to be safe in the Vision. But the collection of these gems will give us a two part all out batlle with Thanos in the next Avenger Movie. The Avenger set us up for the next Cap movie with Tony and Cap not Seeing Eye to eye. They get over it for the moment and come together to fight Ultron, he is defeated with the Vision saying one the greatest lines every- Ultron after interrupting Vision’s speech ” You are so utterly and remotely pathetic” Vision “Well I was just born yesterday!!” Wow that was great,… ok you have to be there. Go see the Avengers!!! Be prepared that there is no elaborate false ending only that Thanos gives us the line that propels us to the next Avengers. You must see it. Until then Make Mine Marvel!!

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