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Dex Flexes: Thoughts on Latest Shows and Whats to Come

Flash was awesome, but if you read my review you know they have to drag out the inevitable fight between Flash & Reverse Flash. Still more Arrow crossovers to come, so stay tuned.

Speaking of Arrow, what the heck is Arrow on? In the episode the Fallen, He had the opportunity to escape Ras Al Ghul but he chose to stay. In the coming attractions he looks like a zombie as Ras AlGlul. Oliver, ya killing me! Pleasant to see he and Felicity getting it on, but it didn’t help one bit. Team Arrow needs to find a way to snap Oliver back before Diggle gets his head chopped off. Arrow gets 3 stars for that episode for pissing me off.

Agents of Shield, wow, 5 stars for the episode Frenemy of my Enemy, I understand the next episode is the set-up to Avengers- Age of Ultron. Bring it!! The Father daughter bonding just took too long, but when Hydra, Team Coulson, and Quasi Shield showed up, the episode kicked into high gear. When Skye saw Ward what was the first thing out of her mouth: Coulson! Now this is how I like my comics, so much drama coming from all sides. Team Coulson trying to find Skye and getting his team back, Quasi Shield after Coulson, Hydra trying to get foot hold back on the map and then there are the Inhumans. I believe the key to the Avenger’s angle is who Hydra has locked up as in superpowers, and how the Avengers have to save them (Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver…), but how will the Inhumans factor in? Any thoughts? The end of our episode has Coulson surrendering to Quasi Shield. Let see how this plays out.


Let me tell you story before I move on to the last thought on Blacklist. When I was young I used to love comic books so much. I subscribed to them, got newsletters and visit comic book stores. Now I have told you that I fell out of comics because they were not going my way. That is not the whole story. In my late teen I got the job of a life time to work at Forbidden Planet a science fiction mega store. This folks is why I fell out of comics. A real true comic book and sci-fi fan came in the store and looked at our life size model of Robocop and then turned to me and asked “What if Robocop was real and fighting crime in the streets” Get away from me crazy man. The other encounter was a gentleman who walked into the store that just hit the Lottery and wanted something in store that would appreciate in value. After we showed him practically everything in the store, he asked how much the model of the Millennium Falcon in the window. Since it was already set up we sold it to him for about $500. He then asked us what it was, and we explained to him the whole Star Wars Trilogy. He says “Wow, I just like it because it looks nice” Are you kidding me? get away from me crazy man.


The Blacklist episode: Leonard Caul, 5 stars. This comes on the Heels of Red getting shot. The only person who can decipher all of this is Leonard Caul. Team Keen is off to find him, but it is now a race to save Red. Tom is back and he helps them get safe haven for Red. When Lizzie is sent to recover the machine to read the Fulcrum, Leonard shows up to answer so many questions. He invented the Fulcrum and the machine and it hold some Government and corporate secrets that it could topple a government. The Conglomerate sends a team to kill Red. The only way Lizzie can save Red is to go the Director of the FBI and threaten him with the Fulcrum and of course she’s made copied. The Strike is called off, for now. Where does that leave Red and Lizzie. The coming attractions show that the Conglomerate is coming for Lizzie and she needs Tom’s help. It’s getting kind of heavy!! And it seems the Section chief Harold only friend in the FBI is now becoming attorney general and he is working for the Director. Buckle up folks only 3 episodes left. I’m ready for a bumpy ride!! Keep moving forward!


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