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Wtf Gamers Presents: The Expense of DLC and why we Should not Deal With It

We are in a world where certain folks just “Deal with it” and in that we get rolled over on certain things that may not be important to others, but are important to a select group. I believe that certain things are worth discussing about in terms of YOUR MONEY! I have been a gamer since the days of Top Gun and two button controllers, but seeing the evolution has been great until the day the Original Xbox came out which caused us to cough up money to play online. It was worth it because the servers hardly had any problems at all and the fact that we were paying Microsoft didn’t have much of a choice to make sure we were happy gaming online. But let’s kick things off with my video.

Now thanks to Iselynne for pointing out a few factors that I didn’t cover in our vlog about forced hardware, which means there are certain things in the game that you have to unlock by using another device. For example in Windwaker they locked certain features that could only be accessed if you had a GBA. And Skyward Sword -required- a motion plus controller. It seems the Zelda series was a very expensive game to play and forcing fans to get extra equipment to get a full experience is in a way shady. I can see the argument of being a true fan and all that Jazz, but honestly now you are just alienating people. This can be said with certain fighting games too like Street Fighter X Tekken which PS3 owners would get free content if they owned the PSVita version.


Speaking on the lines of fighting games, remember a time when you just played the game and completed certain challenges to unlock the content? I remember in Dead or Alive 4 which was exclusive to the Xbox 360 where if you played through the game enough and did certain modes you would unlock costumes as well as special characters. The day I unlocked all the ladies outfits and of course a Female Spartan from the Halo series as a fighter was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.


However, now almost every fighting game comes at an extra price with costume packs and extra character downloads that has been revealed many times that they are already on the disc. So let’s say you buy a Twinkie, but you need to pay an extra cost to unlock the flavor so you can taste it. Now does that seem fair? I bet if that were to happen you would not be saying to, “deal with it” now would you?


Now as stated I put a pre-order in for the Witcher 3 which has not disappointed me in their bonus content that they just gave away for free on day one. This sequel will feature 16 free downloadable content from the start and that is fine by me. This is how a company should treat their devoted fans and the same goes for Titanfall who recently released their season pass for free to the masses.


The Solution?

The best course of action is to be patient for those that can and wait for the expected game of the year additions or exclusive deals that should happen in the same year. Or the more drastic solution is to just not buy the content and wait for a season pass sale, if you can hold out. This is easier for some because of the FPS exclusive deals for COD on the Xbox vs. PlayStation 4 which the Microsoft systems will get the content early. So I am going to be real at this point, because I’ve heard the complaining for years from customers and other gamers that still go out and buy the content. It is the fear of being left out and being ahead of the competition that will drive and that is honestly your own personal problem, but I respect those that wait it out and check out deals. In that I give kudos to those in the industry and care about their fans and actually give something back worth our buck. The rest needs to step your game up and stop being greedy. Stay frosty gamers!

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