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Agents of Shield Afterlife Review

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You know at one point it was Shield vs. Hydra, but now it is Shield vs. Shield and we have one question…Who is the real Shield? Things have been hitting up for a while every since Skye became a power and now that Shield has been infiltrated from the inside things seem to be getting worse with trust issues on the team. Now a new director is questioning the command of Coulson, while trying to turn over his own team. Also Sky is now in the hands of a secret group of other “Inhumans”, but Coulson is on the case trying to find his missing agent. Things are getting very exciting.


Let’s being with the whereabouts of Skye who seems to be in a real magical place, but not Tahiti. There are others just like her, well a small few to be correct that seem to want to help her own her own path to discovering her abilities to learn how to control them. The best thing is Skye is not buying it until she gets the true answers and as an agent of shield her instincts will keep her alive. I am going to call this place Shangrala because it seems as such, but the downside Gordon the teleporter is the only one able to come in and out of said place. However Sky is being assured she is not a prisoner, because frankly she is the one that asked for help in the first place. Things start to become comfortable as Skye befriends another like herself, but it just takes one slip up to ruin a good time. Reina come to find out is in the same area going through the same treatment trying to find her way, but Skye is not having it. Enter one of the Elders (Yes I have spoiled much through this portion, but I will keep this one to myself) who has taken Skye under her wing as long as she complies to the peace in this sanctuary. Not going to be an easy task for one that can literally shake the Earth.


Now we head back to Shield where tension is rising as Fitz and Simmons are being “politely” asked to look into whatever this vibranium box is holding. This began as a noble mission since there were some questionable actions of Coulson, but now I am starting to see Bobbie thinking twice about her decision to betray her friends as the acting director played by Edward James Olmos is turning into more of an obsessed mad man. Things take a turn for the “Wtf” when Coulson and Hunter venture off to look for sky, but Coulson decides on a “Bad idea” to turn himself into shield. However things go into their favor as the best back up you could imagine shows up to help out. Check out this clip!


Things really picked up in this episode with amazing action scenes, enjoyable plot twist and clever moments that brings you to the idea that things are just heating up. I think the real shield just played their cards right and it is time to take back what is theirs. This episode reminds me of what civil war went through in the comic books and I think that was a nice touch, which I hope leads to that.


In that being said Marvel’s Agents of Shield episode 16 gets 4.5 out of 5. I can’t wait for the next episode and hopefully we see more of Deathlok as well as more of Sky’s power.


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