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Why the Hype for Mortal Kombat X?

I have to say ever since Mortal Kombat debut in the arcades back in the early 90’s the fighting genre has never been the same for me. There was only one way to defeat your opponent during that time, but when Mortal Kombat came with the Fatality system…it blew my mind. I was facing one of those kids that have been on that machine 24/7 no matter what the weather was outside. In that I came over with my quarter and took over the Blue Ninja at the time because I didn’t know their names. I was kicking butt for the most part it was interest mechanics, but in the end I still lost, but when I heard the words, “FINISH HIM!!” and dude proceeded to inject his hand into my chest to pull out my heart I was floored. This was a new level of violence for me in the fighting world. I have seen violence in other games like doom, duke nukem and many adventure titles, but never this brutal in the fighting world. That’s it I was done I could not play certain games normally anymore. This was just the beginning.


We are coming close to the release of Mortal Kombat X and there is a lot to appreciate with the new story, DLC as well as many other great gems. However let’s take the time to appreciate the consistency of the story. Mortal Kombat holds no punches when it comes to betrayals, reunions and friendships which have spawn many great books and TV series to continue the story outside of the game. I mean it is a great idea of Earth defending itself from outworld, but then of course the bad guys find loop holes around the rules to still try to take over the Earth realm. Then there is the problem with some of the heroes having issues with each-other’s decisions especially Raiden in the MKK9. The dude got Liu Kang killed and now he and Kung Lao are working under Quan Chi who has been manipulating fighters since the beef between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Quan Chi has been manipulating the world for a long time thanks to his ambitions to free his master Shinnok, but that my friends is great story telling. Even though Quan Chi was not known of until later on since we thought it was all about Shang Shung and Shao Khan. The bigger picture was so much sweeter.


Now we are here and what I always wanted from any fighting game is to pass down the torch to a new generation, but only certain games did that for us. Thankfully in Mortal Kombat X we will have a new generation of Fighters with Cassie Cage, Jacqueline Briggs, Kung Jin and many return characters too. However let’s take a look at Cassie, Jacqueline and Kung who are the new warriors fighting for the Earthrealm. So Sonya and Johnny got busy, as well as Jax too. I was geeking out hearing that the kids of the famed fighters are taking the mantle for their parents to be heroes and the best part is their folks are showing up as well. Before it was just siblings taking revenge, but we always had that prediction of who would end up together. I honestly thought it was going to be Jax and Sonya, but Johnny is cool too. But what about the people of outworld? I know Liu Kang was killed, but come on you know Katana and Liu had some moments alone. Hell what about Mileena and Baraka? I know that is pushing it, but it is still cool when you think about it.


Let’s talk about the DLC and a while ago I did a post about wishful characters that should be in the MKX universe to download. Oh boy am I happy with Predator being one of the DLC characters, his fatalities are going to be so amazing. I really do hope they get creative and have him walk away with the skull for his collection. I want a cinematic of him cleaning it too dammit! This new ninja Crumble has me intrigued as well, because as we know there are more than just fire and ice for the Ninja clans. That is the beauty of the Mortal Kombat Universe with all its dimensions and timelines anyone can be a part of it.


April 14th I hope will be a great release day for Mortal Kombat fans all around. I want to hear from you your favorite Mortal Kombat moments or what was your favorite sequel? I hope to see you on the battlefield. Stay frosty!

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