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Welcome Back Barry Allen: the Flash ep. 15 Review

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Now let go to work. They return with what a lot of shows try to do during a mid-season break A recap episode. We are treated to what we didn’t see during the first episode of Flash: 2 brothers getting away from 2 detectives in an airplane. One detective dead and the other is Joe West Barry’s step dad. And the brothers in the plane, One controls the weather in the first episode, and the other is Mark, he can control the weather better than the other.

He goes to the morgue to find out who killed his brother. After the silent alarm is tripped, the police headed by Joe, and the Flash are on the way. In route to the scene Barry encounters a double image of himself which makes him pause and contemplate what just happened. When everyone arrives at the scene we find that Mark has set his sights on Joe.

Joe is grounded and taken off the “Mark as Weather Wizard” (thanks Cisco) case. His new partner Eddie who is dating his daughter Iris is going to stand behind his partner no matter what. But Eddie is getting Jealous of the relationship that Iris and Barry has. Now guys let’s take a step back from the action for a minute. If you stuck with all my reviews I called this: My theory was that if you read the comics Eddie is the reverse Flash, but they have gave that a great television spin because of what is coming up. This is a key moment of his Jealousy for Barry because it will help fuel his villainy in the future.


Joe and Barry are attacked by the Weather Wizard, but Barry save him in time. So it is back to Star Labs where Team Flash has some magic stick to zap the Weather Wizard’s powers away. It is not all that easy. You see Mason at the paper that Iris works at is digging deeper and deeper into Dr. Wells making Iris ask Barry the Hard questions about the good doctor. So he take the question to Team Flash (Catlin and Cisco): Did Dr. Wells kill Professor Stagg at his office and was Dr. Wells there at Barry’s parents’ house the night his mother died. So Cisco goes in search of the truth.

Mark the Weather Wizard shows up at the police station to confront Joe at the same time Cisco delivers the magic stick to Joe. The Flash shows up and grabs the stick and Zaps the Weather Wizard of his powers. Mark escapes again. With the Police captain Singh left partially paralyzed.


Back at Star Labs, Catlin distracts Dr. Well so that Cisco can re-enact the night the Reverse Flash showed up at Star Labs. Ok true believers hold on to you hats because this is where everything come full circle. Cisco finds out that everything was prerecorded that night and it all starts to come together. Catlin cannot detain Dr. Wells any longer and when she turns around Dr. Wells literally got up out of his chair. Dr. Wells walks in to lab and explains it all to Cisco. He is really Ebarde Thorne (Eddie Thawne as Cisco Ah Ha’s), trap in this world for 15 years, and he is using the Flash to help him get back to his right time. Yes folks he is Eddie Thawne in the future, who hates the Flash for stealing his girl! Then in true villain fashion he kills Cisco. Whoa! That was hot!


Back to Joe. He hunts down Mark with Eddie. Joe is taken hostage. Barry and Iris are summoned to save him. When the Weather Wizard make a big tidal wave to destroy the city Barry has no choice but to save Joe, exposing who he is to Iris. Of course there’s a kiss. And the Flash is off, running back and forth to stop the tidal wave. He succeeds, but The Flash is sent into some time loop back to the moment when he saw a mirror image of himself the day before- oh no it’s Ground Hog Day!!!


Can the Flash get back from all of that mess and go after Dr. Wells? Or will he be trapped in some parallel universe trying to get back? This all sounds like a step down version of the Flash comic book series that brought us here. Stay tuned!!

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