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We Can’t Wait for: Boruto – Naruto the Movie!

Ah Boruto, the son of the legend, gets his chance to be in an awesome movie of Naruto (the 11th movie to be exact) for the first time. We’ll dive into the lives of our favorite characters and their kids in this close-to-a-reboot of a movie and we can’t wait!


That hairdo though, am I right? Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama will reprise their roles as Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha respectively, in the Japanese version of course. But what does that mean for us Americans? Not much, except the fact that the movie doesn’t release until August 7th. Such a long wait, but since the movie is about Naruto’s son, then the date wouldn’t matter, as long as the movie delivers and I have high hopes on that since the creator Masashi Kishimoto quoted saying, “There’s no way I can top this.”

The story so far is basically an old character makes a comeback to try to find a new vessel. The prime candidates for that ritual might very well be Boruto or any of his friends. Like I said, a close-to-a-reboot of a movie, which isn’t necessarily bad especially with the many new characters to surprise us.


Boruto – Naruto the Movie comes out August 7th in Japan. Are you guys hyped for the new Naruto movie? What are you excited to see? New rivalries, new characters, and possibly new jutsu are to be expected? Let us know in the comments, we want to hear your thoughts as well. And with that, I sign off until my next Powers review. Until then, Make Magic peoplez!

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