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Triage X ep. 3 Review: Midnight Guerrilla

Things are heating up on this latest episode of Triage X as the team keeps dealing extreme surgery on the city while having to deal with a new Pyro player acting out the same style of justice, but with more flare. The Lesions are starting to spread and the team is in for a long evening now that there is a new virus plaguing the streets.


For some that don’t know the Triage is a group of assassin’s trying to clean up the city of the most deadly of tumors meaning criminals. However just any criminals, mostly those that do the most damage to the citizens and they are dealt with extreme measures, but this time the group has to deal with a new pyro assassin that is making way too much noise and stepping on their territory. On the side of the operating table is a new drug circulating that cause violent episodes and many other deadly side effects at a cheaper price. This means easier to distribute to the public and causes a higher risk of chaos. The Triage group has a lot to deal with and it seems they are running out of time to do so.


So far being only three episodes in this has been a simulating episode with some T and A, a slight lesbian encounter, a lot of action and a sexy pyro-maniac to boot. This has a strong dark story backing it up which helps you look pass all the obvious perversions in an anime. I enjoyed this episode for the fact that they are introducing more of the other characters behind the mask and their abilities. For example Hitsugi who wears the creepy demon mask in a nurse outfit. Apparently she is a lot stronger than she looks with a blood thirsty nature and I can get behind that. However here is a clip of sad nurse in action.


This anime has my attention more than ever because it feels like a race since I started reading the Manga’s not too long ago. They are doing a great job keeping the anime and the Manga similar, but the anime does cut out some extra scenes, but that is okay. It is mostly the nude scenes of the girls playing the shower or conversations, but the focus is clear when it comes down to the assassins cause and the medical terms being use to eliminate the enemies. I feel that the pace is well done, but the action goes so fast that it feels as if the episode speeds up.



Triage X Ep. 3 gives a grand stand of everything you could enjoy in an anime and I am fond of each character they showcase. I am sure you have your personal favorites like I do with Hitsugi and oni mask, but in the end Episode 3 titled Midnight Guerrilla gets a 4 out of 5. I hope you enjoyed this review and please share your thoughts with us on how you feel about it so far in the comments below. Stay frosty!

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