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Triage X ep. 1 Review: Prescription of Hell

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I am going to admit that I was not surprised to start off the Manga/Anime with some big breasted vixen barking orders at a team of assassins. It has become the cliche with certain animes, but after getting passed the tanning buxom beauty, things begin to get interesting. There is a virus spreading around the city and it is up to a select few to remove the problem with an aggressive surgical touch. Pray that you will never be under their surgical table, but for now lets get into this review.

Triagenoun (in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.


The Story:

One would never suspect the residents of Mochizuki General Hospital that they would be a secret vigilante organization known as “Black Label“.  A team of select hospital staff  and one teenager, they take care of undesirable people who are deemed cancers in their society. Yes, they are all bad people that have done nothing but spread their viral grip on the innocent, but it is up to them to remove the lesions promptly. The main protagonist under the bulletproof helmet is Arashi Mikami, who has had a harsh life being one with his best friend after a horrible bombing. Torn between himself and each mission, he puts his own conscience to the test of more than his target. Luckily, his motorcycle partner Mikoto Kiba attempts to keep a watchful eye on her partners mental state. (Dude puts on a nice mask for his friends, but on the inside he questions if he really is who is and this might cause a problem for the team on missions.)


I am glad I read the manga first, because I am impressed that they are following the book to the letter. Because at times we all know when a book gets translated to an anime they tend to go their own path. Not this time and that is impressive. I think all animes should adapt to this style, because we will appreciate it more.



What I Think:

The censorship is very limited which is a big plus for me. Lately I noticed an abundance of censorship with many animes that either have brutal killings and or nudity. This time around they mostly censor the nudity, but keep the brutal actions at full view (which I am okay with). I have to look into why that started to be a thing now since most of us are veteran anime watchers we never experienced this much censorship unless it was shown on regular television. Yes this anime has the classic gigantic boob physics like most anime and as a guy, I don’t really have much of a problem because it was expected from seeing the cover of the manga. They really do not pull any punches on showing off the sexy nature of the females. Even the little 14 year old Idol Oriha Nashida, who is the demolitions expert of the group has an over developed bust.


As a transition from Manga to Anime Triage X is done really well. The visuals are great, the characters come to life really well and the story is badass. I am looking forward to the second episode and would recommend checking out both media forms. In that Triage X gets 5 out of 5. I hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to return as we check out future episodes. Stay frosty!


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