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Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 1 First Impression

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When one loses their humanity it is hard to return to the life you once lived. Kaneki was trying his hardest to be both a ghoul as well as a human, but he was caught in a war long before he became a half breed. In that you’re torn between the two worlds and at times forced to make a decision. In Kaneki’s case, it was a tortured method to bring out the full monster within, but will either side regret making that happen? Welcome back to season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul and this is our first impression.

In the last season we left poor Kaneki in the clutches of a mad ghoul who was undergoing some severe torture, but inside this innocent boys mind he was debating on crossing that cruel line. In that it was finally crossed, because in the end it is all about surviving. If you have the power to gain your own freedom, then why not utilize it? Now we are facing a new battle with Kaneki fully transformed and ready to do what needs to be done, but what that is still remains a mystery. There seems to be some ulterior motive involved with the Aogiri, but most of you that are currently reading the manga already know what is going on. It is weird having three factions with humans that hunt ghouls, ghouls that hunt humans and neutral ghouls that just want to co-exist trying to protect humans. I am more curious on the story of Ayato and what made him give up his innocence…but without spoiling too much I still wonder what will happen with Kaneki now that he is going with Aogiri?


From jump the new season was already to rock, but it still left me wondering about one of the characters from the previous season. The badass Tiny Tina looking kid that used the Captains motorcycle to infiltrate the base, but once the smoke clears for those that are just watching the anime will get our answers. I know from my comrade KimChee X that the books and the anime are done differently and that is to be expected. I do enjoy both, because sometimes they can’t fit every detail. However the brutal combat is worse in the books which I think should be in the anime. I still don’t understand why anime now is becoming more censored. That was the beauty of anime in the first place showing off it’s raw content.


I enjoy an anime that doesn’t start off dull and goes right back to where we left it which was a huge battle. The action in Tokyo Ghoul is very impressive, because it is both majestic and barbaric. In the video clip below you will see a fight between Touka, Ayato and Kaneki to see what I mean.


For the start of a new season Tokyo Ghoul is kicking off just right and leaving us with a great open plot and in that I give it 4 out of 5. It is not bad at all and I am looking forward to future episodes, but let me hear from you. What did you think of the new start of the season and what are your anticipations for future episodes? I hope you enjoyed this first impression and please subscribe to our site so you can be updated to future post. Stay frosty!


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