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Throwback Thursday Manga Style – 20th Century Boys

Good Day Readers,

I am here to present to you a good classic manga, 20th Century Boys. This is a great read as the story splits into two different parts with two different main characters. Even though the story seems to split in two sections, the flow of the story is pretty seamless from one part to the next. As this manga have a lot of flashbacks; so you will be doing some backpedaling if you are not paying attention.


The story revolves around 4 childhood friends that make a secret club in a field, and someone is using the clubs secret text and logo to start a cult. Kenji the main character for the first half of the story is trying to unravel who is the person that is using the old clubs logo and text to start a cult. This is pretty much a detective style manga where the reader is supposed to piece together all the evidence that is presented to the reader.

The great thing of this manga is that they don’t give too much away that you know right away who the culprit is. You are literally piecing everything together as Kenji is doing the same. And this is where this manga is quite unique. You are following Kenji, and not being led by him, unless you cheat and read ahead or go to Wikipedia (laughs).

I don’t want to get too deep into the second part of the series as it will spoil the first half of the story. But all I will say it that the second protagonist is Kenji’s niece. I think I gave too much away, (laughs). That is all you get now go out there and pick up the books. It is worth the read and worth having your collection.

All righty that is my recommended oldie but goodie manga to pick up, I say buy it cause you want to support the publishers so the same fate does not happen to publisher like Tokyopop.

Happy Reading and JA NE,


KimChee X


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