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There is Honor in Every Battle: Gundam Build Fighters Try ep 7 Review

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You know, having loyal comrades by your side is a special privilege, especially when you are in dire need of support. In this latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try, we see a true story of friendship with deep loyalty for a good cause, while respecting your opponent as an equal. This was a humorous episode, but had a nice moral too it.


This latest episode starts off with a cocky swim team believing they can take on the Try Fighters easy if there is water on the field. The screwed up part about the battle was that the field of choice ended up being in a frozen tundra in which they could not get through the ice surface. I literally was laughing on the train ride from work as you see the struggle being real and the fear of the other team closely approaching to dominate the opposition. It pretty much ends in a forfeit, but I will not reveal how it ended, because that was just pure comedy.


This time around Team Try Fighters face what seems to be an amateur opponent who doesn’t build their custom Gunpla, but keeps it simple straight from the box. Why is that important? Well the whole idea of customization and detail determines the strength of your Gunpla, but this opponent using a (using car terms) factory stock Gunpla is dominating the field. It takes an interesting turn when the other two members confront Fumina and her team to give up the match so their leader could win because he is only battling for his sick brother. This puts the team into a pinch of morals and their goal to win the championship. It is not a fair request at all, but how could they not agree with such a request, but Sekai knows the true heart of battle is to never insult your opponent.


I felt that having a moral code episode was a nice touch being that within certain situations that everyone has something or someone to fight for. However, I respect how Sekai handled the situation, because only fighters know the passion of other fighters. Now between Fumina and Yuuma who hesitate with their desire to win vs. the well-being of honoring a two team members wishes. I am glad Sekai turned out to be the true backbone of the team because there was no honor in the two players’ request of their leader Shimon. Shimon has an understanding of combat being a former boxer and that’s why the fuel between Sekai was so strong.


In the end the battle was top notch and in a way I was rooting for Shimon because he was the underdog with a simple Gunpla. I enjoyed his character and the emotions expressed for his little brother who was the one that build his Gunpla in the first place was touching. I am curious what is going to happen when the Try Fighters face that ultimate opponent, because it is leading up to that for the next episode. I just wished that these shows would leave you guessing more instead of actually telling what to expect. With that all being said Gundam Build Fighters Try is a much watch series and episode 7 gets a 4 out of 5. I hope to see you all next time for episode 8 and please leave a comment below on your thoughts on the series. Stay frosty!


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