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The Legend of Korra Video Game Review

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The path of the Avatar is a responsibility through each person from different nations. It is the cycle that has brought balance throughout the world and in that balance comes the struggle of being one with the people as well as the spirits. This time around we have Korra, a water tribe avatar still struggling to battle the forces of evil while winning the favor of the world. Times are changing, but in this unique story for the video game, can she still maintain the avatar title?


All right benders, I welcome you to this review which features a new ancient evil that seeks control of both worlds through the spirit world. Now you know Korra has to jump into action to stop this great evil or let the world fall to the darkness and corrupt, however she has to face a horde of adversaries from Bender Gangsters and the left overs of Amon’s forces. Luckily enough you will have all of the elements at your disposal for the best combat tactics as you fight through for the final encounter. To be honest I am making it sound more epic than it already is.

What I Liked:

The combat in the Legend of Korra is by far the best in the long list of Avatar video games. Platinum Games really nailed the essence of being Korra and establishing the mix of the elements. There is a nice upgrade system as you concentrate on all or just your favorite element. Now you will need to obtain more spirit energy to buy things from the spirit shop. There are many upgrades to help you through your journey and of course more moves to learn for each element. They are a bit pricey, but that’s how they obtain the replay value for those that want that 100% completion. I did enjoy mixing up the elements and then unleashing the Avatar State which was pure beautiful destruction. The controls were very fluid and the animation was done very well.

The cut-scenes were brilliantly done giving us the gamer’s visuals as if we are watching the Nickelodeon cartoon.


What I didn’t Like:

The Legend of Korra takes a horrible turn by having a season 2 storyline, but changing the main villain with some old evil dude that looks like the Sith Lord in Asia. They were trying to go for a unique storyline just for the game, but instead rehashing the same story about freeing the spirit world. I mean if you are going to go unique, then go unique. Do a side story of her finding herself after Season 3, even though I know the game was in production longer than season 3 ended, but I am going to assume the developers worked close with the company and knew how the story was going to fold. They already had you in the game at one point lose your abilities to bend, so why not a journey trying to get back to your Avatar state?


The “temple runner” style Naga missions were a hit and miss for me at a time. I was digging it, but it was added filler in the end. The Pro-bending league was somewhat of a disappointment. Now what I was hoping for is not possible at this point, but the simple fact that you are the avatar and only the avatar playing the league, they make you cheat. You have the ability to counter any attack in the game which is great if you time it right, but when it comes to a pro-bending league match, that is cheating. Now for those that do not know the pro-bending league consist of Earth, Water and Fire moves only. It is illegal to bend anything out of your respected element, but apparently countering another player’s element is okay. Now I know that is pretty deep nitpicking, but I am not wrong. If Platinum games does decide to make a separate game just for pro bending, I hope we get full customization in leagues and of course make your own team name. Online matches are a must at that.

Going back to the main game, I found it weird having to fight Amons forces as they team up with gangster benders. That threw me for a loop and there was a problem with the repetitive enemies, but I will let that slide since they were hired by the mad man. I mean the equalist had to find work some way.

In all that being said the Legend of Korra is not a totally bad for $15, but even though it is cheap I still expect a decent game. I am hoping if Platinum games ever decide to upscale their content, I would spend money for a great $49.99 title of The Legend of Korra. In that we give this game 3.5 out of 5. The Legend of Korra is available now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Steam Marketplace. If you are a fan you will enjoy the replay value and actually harnessing the powers of an avatar. Stay frosty gamers!




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