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The Game Awards 2014 Lindsey Stirling Performance

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This years Game Awards were on point with great footage and some top notch performances by some big name artist. Here is Lindsey Stirling’s performance for Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you have no clue who she is and what her skills are with a violin can produce, then you have come to the right place to get an amazing idea of her style. The first time I as introduced was when she did an ice castle performance which had me captivated throughout the entire video. Lindsey brings a whole new meaning to “nerdcore” music that we all can appreciate. Please enjoy the video below.




This performance was nicely done and I have to admit that Lindsey has a way of making all things so elegant and almost magical when she makes music with the violin. It is definitely enchanting watching her work and I am always happy to see all of her performances for gaming and non-gaming. Thanks for bringing a whole new light to a classic instrument by making it your own.


Check back for more musical post as we check out Imagine Dragon’s performance with the legendary Koji Kondo. Stay frosty!

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