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The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues Review

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Today I mark my return to this blog with another review of one of my favorite things The Flash. The mid-season return came back with a great set-up for the rest of the season “Revenge of the Rogues” Here’s the review!


After the recap we begin where we left off: still scratching our heads on who is the Reverse Flash Now here’s my theory-We all know that what we see may not be what we actually saw. We are lead to believe that the Reverse Flash is Dr. Wells. But if you read the comic book version of this story, the Reverse Flash is Eddie Thawne. I think it is this: Dr. Well is the older Eddie and something happens that has him in raged with the Flash and he goes to past to fulfill destiny by killing Barry’s mother. But in some parallel world older Eddie comes back in time help Barry become who he’s meant to be and stop Eddie.


So back to the episode, Barry is training to “Be Faster” so he can beat the Reverse Flash the next time he shows up (I guarantee you it will be the season finale). Always in comic book history there is always someone who comes along to derail that plan. We welcome back Captain Cold. And he is not alone this time, he has Heatwave. I love how Cisco just digs into our brains and comes up with these names.

So the new crime team (The reunion of Prison break stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, what a way to come back into our world) pull off some capers to lure the Flash out. No go! Star Labs wants their prize project to keep training. So Star Labs become Hi Tech partners with the police department. Together they foil the duo.


That only makes Captain Cold mad. So in classic villain brooding he takes the dame! Katlin became the bait to catch the Flash. Well that just made the Flash mad. The Plan: Star Labs/Dr. Wells comes up with the idea that both villains gun streams must cross to cancel each other out. So with the plan set, and with the help of the police department we come to the big fight scene. I could have sworn Michael Jackson was going to come out and do a Reprise of Beat it! So as the Flash crosses stream, Cisco and Joe find Katlin, before almost blowing her up.

In the epilogue we get a little sappy with Barry as he keeps Drooling over Iris- Take Arrow’s advice let it go and move on! Also While Captain Cold and Heatwave are on their way to prison, their escape is aided by Captain Colds Sister. Now off to comic book piles and hunt down the answer to that one, let me know when you find it, ok!

Good start to the 2nd half the season. I like the new way they do seasons on TV, they break it up, calms my heart down over the Christmas break. Happy Easter Eggs!



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