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The Flash Episode Review: Who is Dr. Wells?

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Our episode begins with Team Flash on the hunt for who is Harrison Wells. This sends Joe and Cisco to Starling City (Arrow Land). They meet up with Detective Lance and they search the accident scene of when Wells lost Tess They discover a body and the DNA matches Wells. I love how this encounter helps us with the future. Detective Lance and Joe bonding, helping Lance bridge the gap between him and his daughter. And Cisco helping Laura gets the Canary cry!! But back at the Lab, Barry has to keep Caitlin calm before she blows the whole investigation.


So our core story today: a Meta human who can shape shift. Sounds familiar? It should be. My thought is somehow Wells uses this Meta human to steal the real Wells identity. So back to our core: The Meta human steals identities to rob banks and the blame lies on the victim of who he steals from. Barry and Eddie are in hot pursuit. The Meta Human changes into Eddie and shoots some cops. Eddie is now in trouble. Barry has to fix it. In his search for the Meta Human Barry gets caught, and he steals his Identity. He uses it to get into Star Labs. Caitlin falls for it (as well as a quick kiss from our villain) but not Dr. Wells who stuns him. Iris arrives and tries to be the good guy and take him to the precinct. Of course he gets away, of course.


Barry is set up for the finale show down with the Meta Human, equipped with the antidote to the power. They fight, he finds out Barry is the Flash, but Barry zaps him with the antidote and all is well in Central City. Well not quite.


In the real ending team Flash stumble upon Dr. Wells hidden room in the lab. They find the Reverse Flash suit, traces of Tacheon particles, and the newspaper of Barry’s fate in 2024! This is the “Ah-Ha” moment folks. With the coming attractions our season is about to come to a close- not so fast! They are going to drag it out a bit; there is even an episode with Grodd in it. There are 4 more episodes folks. But hey, I love it, do you? Let me know. Keep moving forward.


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