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The Flash ep. 23: Fast Enough Review

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Fast enough or “Oh wow they went there!” What an episode. The pacing was slow but the twist was worth the wait. Is the Flash fast enough? I have to admit I kept saying, no! – Throughout the episode. Why? Now I’m going to sound like one of those extreme fans. But I didn’t want it to end. This is the only place I get to talk about my favorite thing on TV, and I just didn’t want it to go. Come on admit it, wasn’t it an awesome episode? It wasn’t about Barry; it was all about Team Barry! Ok let’s get on with the highlights.


Let’s us all remember I am a huge fan boy of the show, and the 2 problems with the show is This is not like the comic book, and the pacing was way too slow (I could of sworn there was a 8 minute commercial break!) The show open with the Villain/Hero chat were Dr Wells/Eobard Thawne gives Barry his evil plan. The one question that Barry asked, the answer doesn’t sit well with me- Why? Dr. Wells says because “I Hate You!” My next question would have been then why you helping me? You want me to be faster? You are the one who needs to be faster, not your enemy! Anyway, the theory has holes in which Team Barry fix: Flash must go to Mack 3 and collide with a proton particle and create a worm hole. Team Barry fixes the problem of sucking the earth while giving this episode a “peril”: Barry has a one minute and fifty-two second window to save his mother before universe implodes on Center City. So after wrestling with idea of going back in time all episode, and even saying goodbye to everyone (except Eddie), he going back in time to become- A spectator! He just finally says goodbye to the mother.


So also throughout the episode Eddie brooding about his significance in the history of life. I missed all of that cause I was focus on Barry! Keep that in mind… Barry rockets back the present punches Dr. Wells right in the eye!! And the battle is on. Barry you big dummy don’t you know you can’t beat this man alone. Barry is one blow away from death, when Eddie shoots himself. Didn’t see that coming- because I was too focused! Everyone gasps! Cause it all came together in that one scene: Eddie is Dr. Wells great-grandfather. Dr. Wells begins to disintegrate from existence. When he is all gone, the Black Hole returns. Eddie’s body gets sucked up into it. The Black hole expands and and begins to suck Center City into it. As Barry puts it, it’s an upside-down tornado. The only way to eliminate it is to run the opposite direction. Admit it you said also- “Run, Barry, Barry”. So off he goes into the heart of the Black hole! So it’s going to take him 6 months to get rid of the Black hole? Amazing. See yea next season! It was an amazing first season! Keep moving forward!


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