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The Flash ep. 17 Review or Say what now?

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OMG!! Give me a moment here. The writers just did a 360 on us. They took it, flipped it and turned it upside down. Did I not say the flash was Banging!!



Ok, now that I calmed down, here we go: after the recap we are taken back to that fatal night that Barry’s mother was killed. This time it was slowed down for our viewing and we see both Flashes battle each other on the way to the house. After the incident, we see that the Reverse flash takes young Barry out of the house. The real Flash tries to get away, while Reverse Flash loses his power, and he must find a way to get back to his time in the future.



Jump to our Guest stars. The Trickster 2 is planting bombs all around Central City. So Barry and Joe go visit Trickster 1 in jail. It’s Mark Hamil! Now fans this is great casting because Mark Hamil has played the character before in the original Flash series (with the guy who plays Joe West in the Original Flash) and Mark has voiced the trickster in animation (not to say he is the voice of the ultimate Joker- can’t wait for the new Star Wars) Hotness! Anyway- the whole story isn’t so interesting because I guessed it right from Joe and Barry’s first meeting that Trickster 1 is Trickster 2 father. And the whole ploy is to break the Trickster out for some evil scheme.


Iris begins to recruit everyone she can to find Mason Bridge who was killed last episode by the Reverse Flash. Barry begins doubting Dr. Wells and really looking into his true motives.

But we still have the main story to get back to. The Tricksters reunite and hatch a plot to rob everyone at a Mayor Reelection party. (Yawn!) Barry comes to save the day, but we always got to mix some drama in it. Trickster slaps a “Speed bomb” on Barry, so as the audience have to yell at the TV “Run Barry, Run!!” He is off with a shot. Dr. Well talks Barry into some Zen Buddhist stuff to float like the air and we learn of Barry’s new power of Phasing through solid objects. Barry returns to party and saves the day- Yay!


Let’s get back to Flashback: Eobard Thawne shows us his true face- not Wells (my theory is shot out the window!). But he hunts for Wells. Wells of 20 years ago was a good scientist who was in love with girl name Tess. They come up with the name for STAR Labs, and are driving home when Eobard blows their tires killing Tess- Awww! Eobard fills us in on the new situation: Dr. Wells in 2020 along with Tess build the particle accelerator. Eobard needed him to build it sooner to get back to his time. And with some futuristic soul stealing tool he switches places with Dr. Wells and assumes the identity to build it 20 years earlier. Amazing, I’m sold, you had me at hello! So now he needs Barry to learn how to be faster.


Back in our time, The Flash is turning into the Arrow where everyone is learning his identity. The latest victim is Eddie Thawne, so they can stop Iris’ crusade of finding Mason.


I’m still holding out that Eddie Thowne is Eobard Thawn in the future or some different time. And with the coming attraction it just gets hotter and hotter. I’m sold Stay tune true believers!


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