The Business Plan

The Business Plan

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Goldfish interviews Kuma:

What is the Kuma Kreations?

Kuma Kreations Entertainment is a service that provides the populus information on all things video games, sci-fi/action movies and comic books. We cater to the geek, gamer and nerd culture while giving out constructive and detailed information to our audience.

Why Kuma Kreations?

We consist of being a multi-media outlet. In being a Renaissance site, most sites just focus on one subject and KKEnt tries to dabble in everything. When we connect to readers, we want the information to come off seamlessly as if they are sitting in front of us and not just provide the “what” to our content but also the “how” in our various tutorials and other informational videos in hopes that it will help in someone in their success as well.

Who’s our audience?

Kuma Kreations wants to create an inclusive geek community that welcomes everyone into the culture.

How do we finance Kuma Kreations?

Aside from apparel, Kuma Kreations provides services such as advertising space as well was video editing and various commissions from art work to cosplay and look forward to expanding this department as our site grows.

What is the strategy or vision?

Reguarly we pride ourselves on setting daily and long term goals that promise more enriching content and reaching out more often to our fans to keep that humane feel. We want a broader community that understands that we are a culture who will not tell you want to read or do, but to have a better understanding in the multi-media industry especially in gaming, comic books and film.

How do we plan on making sure we get our content to you?

Because we are small, we have to really go out of our way to find the best news that is not only relevant but also what we feel our followers would like to see. We try our hardest to compete with bigger names through continuous updates, live streams and advertising as well as making it out to our local events across the states to better build our network.

How much capital do we need to bring Kuma Kreations to a more competitive level?

Having a team that is spread out throughout the country can be a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately the industry we work in is a fast-paced one and it can be difficult making sure that everyone has high-quality, uniformed equipment, access to resources, as well as being compensated for the time spent. After all the hardware, software, tickets, shipping, giveaways, comicbook store hopping and even travel, we are finding out that to provide that equally to our team successfully would cost us about $20-35,000 in which most expenses come out of our own pockets already.

Who is our team and what qualifies us?

I Kuma of course leading things as the founder, video editor and Editor and Chief. We are five strong individuals that make as kickass theam with Leann as our backbone making sure that we are on point and structured. KimCheeX who is more of the photographer, but contributes to the anime front of the site, then we have the lead artist Seph_Dean who also live streams and is our second leading video game correspondent and on our admin front we have Erika Pascual who takes care of media relations and promotions for the site. This is how Kuma Kreations Entertainment runs as a small team of innovative minds.

What are our long-term goals?

The vision of creating a more personal and interactive geek site remains the same. Eventually we want to be able to give back to those who support our site that goes beyond monetary compensation and value. Whether it be our staff or our followers we want to support them in their dreams and endeavors as much as they support ours.

How much is Kuma Kreations worth?

We treat our site like it was our own new, growing, family-business. We believe our ideas, our passions and connections with our supporters is priceless. The idea of creating a comfortable environment spawned through my years of being a gamer, geek and nerd and there is no price tag on that much of an investment.