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The Best Ticket Resale Sites

best ticket resale sites

The Best Ticket Resale Sites

There are many ticket resale websites on the market, but which is the most effective? The most well-known ones have been compared, for instance, StubHub along with Razorgator. What is the best option? Find out more here! We’ll be talking about the top ticket resales sites that cater to every kind of event, along with their pros and cons. These websites to purchase tickets that you can’t find any other place.


The StubHub system is a platform which allows ticket brokers to list seats for big occasions on their site. The buyers can choose from general admission or select seats. Additionally, it gives buyers the option of indicating the location and any additional aspects of tickets. The seller is also able to provide the buyer with a code unique to enable the purchaser access to an exclusive message board. The code allows both buyer and seller to interact between themselves without having to communicate directly.

StubHub is among the top trustworthy resale of tickets site. Its interface is user-friendly and secure, and its sellers can set the right price without having to interact with purchasers. They also provide delivery services, and fees vary in accordance with where the ticket come from. The StubHub parent company, eBay is an internet auction site, which also provides general online commerce. Although StubHub and eBay aren’t the two companies, they do are specialized in reselling tickets.

Even though StubHub is the largest ticket-resales website however, it’s not the best choice to sell tickets for local events. StubHub’s buyer-seller structure makes it reputable ticket resellers impractical for those looking to sell a lot of tickets for a limited crowd. It isn’t easy to communicate with the purchaser and therefore isn’t suitable for big-scale transactions. Even though it’s a fantastic option for small events, StubHub does not represent the ultimate solution for tickets resales platforms. Think about other options if have to sell tickets to an extensive audience.

Its pricey prices aren’t the only reason that makes it an extremely popular option. StubHub is among 9 possibilities. These sites offer better services to customers, cheaper tickets, as well as ways to check the authenticity of tickets. StubHub’s prices may be a bit higher than those at other sites for ticket resales but that’s normal.

StubHub is another option to market tickets online. StubHub lets you browse more than 10 million shows throughout the world. StubHub permits you to sell tickets simply by opening one account, and then setting a fixed or declining price. You can also use the site to post your tickets for absolutely no cost. These websites can be trusted as for authenticity.


While there are many other online resale sites, TicketNetwork stands out from other resale sites. The highly-rated customer care team can assist with any queries you need to ask. If you’re unhappy about the purchase you made of your tickets, they offer a 200 percent refund guarantee. It’s also very secured and PCI compliant. If you’re unsure look up the Terms & Policies section on the TicketNetwork web site.

TicketNetwork is a platform for tickets and event tickets comparable to eBay. Buyers of tickets can purchase them through event promoters or organizers who sell tickets on the website. In return for selling their tickets, customers can pay for delivery, service and transaction fees. Customers may also pay a delivery fee depending of their area and duration of the. TicketNetwork sells tickets on their Point of Sale software, which allows sellers to sell and control tickets on their site.

The ability to sell tickets is available through TicketNetwork or through an app. It works both on mobile and desktop devices. Its user-friendly interface is very user-friendly. In addition, it permits you to purchase tickets as well as sell them at the same time. It is only possible to sell tickets in the United States. Check out our FAQ page for additional information.

TicketNetwork One of the most popular ticket purchasing sites is TicketNetwork. It charges less than 20% of the amount of tickets. The service is low charge, and you are able to claim your money back within 3 days of purchase. You can only purchase regular tickets , and not VIP tickets. TicketNetwork is not recommended to purchase VIP tickets. Apart from selling tickets for regularly scheduled events, TicketNetwork hosts several live events.

VividSeats is yet another popular ticket resale website. It gives its customers benefits such as free eighth tickets as well as an additional 5 percent discount for their next purchase. If you know what you’re after, VividSeats may be worth a look. Take note, however that fees for VividSeats are higher cost-effective than typical. The investment is worthwhile to pay for the many benefits that it can provide.


It is the Razorgator ticket resale portal offers tickets for a variety of events such as sporting events, concerts, and even vacation packages. It’s user interface is easy to use selling and sellers pay 10% of the cost. But, it has some limitations. It’s not very well-known. is not a well-known image and does not offer private listing. It does not offer a guarantee of refund or return.

Razorgator, an online seller of tickets started in 2001. It offers tickets to various sports occasions and shows. The site offers tickets for several concerts as well as theater performances, along with getaway packages. Razorgator has an app that lets you purchase tickets using mobile applications. Ticket buyers can also read reviews on the website before buying tickets.

Resellers have to meet buyer and seller’s needs. This isn’t an easy task. There is a need to choose the appropriate ticket resales website for you. There are several online sites that sell tickets. Razorgator can be a viable option when you are looking for a secure marketplacewith no fees and an affordable price per ticket. Although it is not available all over the world, the service offered by Razorgator is top-notch.

Alongside its outstanding customer support, Razorgator has an in-house customer support team. The company promises to provide your tickets prior to the event, and they will be the same or better than the ones they ordered. If you are unhappy regarding the high-quality of your tickets, you can send them back for a full reimbursement. A 100% money back warranty is another benefit. Razorgator has dedicated agents who are available for any queries.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a live music organization that has been acknowledged to be a supporter of illegal ticket-selling. The secret audio recording of an executive call outlines an idea to bypass the traditional sales of tickets and to send tickets directly to websites that sell tickets. Live Nation’s plans would permit the third party to buy tickets at a premium and then resell them for a profit. Live Nation also has a record of protecting musicians against lawsuits involving scalpers.

The resale market for tickets is booming in spite of Live Nation’s efforts at reducing it. Metallica’s concerts tickets were turned over to scalpers, which charge high costs in exchange for services. The profits from the ticket websites that resell tickets would go to the performers. If it were Metallica, the concert promoter would take 40 percent of its profits, and also give DiCioccio and Millette 8 and 12 percent and eight percent, respectively.

Cost of selling tickets on ticket resale sites There are a variety of prices. Many charge just two percent of the price, whereas others will charge up to 10% of the final price. Live Nation says that scalping has become less common as new ticket sales will increase the value for performers. The resale marketplace remains extremely profitable. Scalping will never end, though the new ways of selling tickets can facilitate artists.

You can find tickets via brokers, as well as to websites that sell tickets online. Consider using a broker if you don’t have the opportunity to access a ticket broker. Brokers of tickets can be beneficial but keep in mind that they’re not able to provide you with the most reasonable cost. You should hold off until your tickets are selling prior to posting them. Sellers who post tickets to different platforms may be penalized by some platforms.

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