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Tears Flow in Sailor Moon Crystal ep. 9 Review

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The battle rages on as an act of bravery triggers the memories of Usagi and her true destiny as a sailor scout. What will happen when the memories reveal their horrific end that lead them to this resurrection on Earth? All I know is that things have become hectic rather quickly vs. the early 90’s version, but here we go.


The one thing I will always admit with the Sailor Moon series is that it is definitely a tear jerker. The love between Usagi and Mamo-chan as well has the friendships made between the scouts has been heart warming. In epsiode 9 we show great passion as we find out what really happened on the moon kingdom as Endymion falls for Princess Serenity to unite both Kingdoms to one. However thanks to an unknown evil the Earth’s people rebelled and ended up causing a tragedy at the sacrifice of their Prince. Sadly Queen Beryl capitalized on this moment and now Tuxedo Mask is in her clutches. The moon crystal has been revealed, but the lose of her love is far more painful.


Only up to episode 9 and the princess has been revealed to the world, that was pretty quick. I started to noticed a rush in anime series lately where they do not waste time uniting teams or revealing the biggest plots that we usually had to wait for the end of the season to see. I mean it is not all bad, but I do enjoy some character development and team building. This episode even though rushed still had a strong stance where we see some amazing character development and a new power within our beloved scouts. Now it is time to take the fight back to the Moon, but are they ready?


Sailor Moon Crystal episode 9 receives a 3.5 out of 5. It was a very romantic episode and full of great passion, but I felt that this happened a bit too fast. I would expect this no later than episode 13 or 20 to end the season before it starts a new. I am hoping for a huge battle in episode ten as the sailor scouts head to the Moon kingdom to take on Queen Beryl and her soldiers. However the fate of Endymion still wavers as Kunzite and the rest start to remember who he might be and their true destiny is. In that I hope to see you next time and I thank you for stopping by and checking out this review. Stay frosty!



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