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Natural Movement will Keep you Alive in Dying Light

This new dev dairy will give you a close look on how to truly survive in the latest first person survival horror game Dying Light from Techland. Check it out and enjoy.


Pro Bending League gets Interactive in this Latest Preview Update

Welcome one and all to this latest update to the upcoming The Legend of Korra Video Game, which will feature full control of the Avatar herself. The best news to come today is the fact that you will be able […]


Military Themed Xbox One Accessories

Coming soon to a system near you which might be in time for some FPS action (doesn’t have to be just for FPS games). The all new military accessories coming to the Xbox One.


Battlefield Hardline Story and Multiplayer Preview

You know, being a First Person Shooter veteran has its ups and downs. For example in the FPS community, I am the black sheep because I enjoy the campaign and play it first before the multi-player. (dodges tomatoes) I know […]


Do we Really Have a Better Call of Duty in Advanced Warfare?

That is the question that is going on so far, but I kind of cleaned up some of the satire a bit. The Call of Duty series has gone through many changes and jumping to different generations. At first we […]


Dead Island 2 Gamescon Preview

In Spring 2015, be prepared to slaughter, mame, dismantle and, of course, smash in the new Dead Island 2 that features some interesting ways to deal with the Zombie hordes. Lets watch the carnage shall we!


Gamescon Preview of Dying Light

“Kill or be killed,” they say. But is that what you would do? Many of us spend time thinking up survival scenarios if something of an apocalypse were to happen. I honestly think that many of us are kidding ourselves […]


Downloadable Content Wishlist for Mortal Kombat X

So, check this out! Not too long ago there was a rumor that Predator might make an appearance on Mortal Kombat X, which is great freaking news if you ask me. However, I thought to myself, what if there were […]


The Legend of Korra Gameplay Preview

This year at San Diego Comic Con we get a glimpse at The Legend of Korra video game coming to the digital marketplace on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. There is also talks of […]


Halo: Nightfall Preview

Halo is that series that has become more than just a video game. It has touched base on all medias in book, comic book and movie form. In this preview produced by Ridley Scott, written by famed Sci-Fi writer Paul […]