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Time to Fight With Your Brothers in Assassins Creed Unity: Coop Trailer

You think you can go at it all alone? Maybe in the beginning as assassin’s we took on our adversaries all on our own without an equal and without an issue. The problem is not within your skills my friend; […]


Breaking News From Umbrella: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Trailer

The Umbrella corporation has some leaked footage to share with you the citizens of Raccoon City and the world. Please enjoy while you get your weapons ready for the pending doom.


Get your Race on With the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel

I am a big racing fan and have been for many years. My first racing wheel was on the Sega Dreamcast which had both brake and pedals on the steering wheel. It worked great with games like Tokyo Extreme Racing […]


It’s Going be a Busy Fall With Upcoming Games

Well so far fellow gamers, we’ve finally come to an end to our gaming drought over the summer. And now its time for the beginning of Fall and we have some new game releases to quench that drought away!


Two Minute Live Action Preview of Destiny: Become the Legend

Destiny is almost here for all of you to enjoy come next week, but before that happens, I only have one question for you…Are you ready to become a legend? No rather, are you ready to be the legend? Check […]


Official Destiny Planet View is Here and it is Splendid

Wouldn’t you want to go beyond your own planet using google earth or google maps? Well your wish has come true…sort of. Bungie the creators of Destiny has giving us gamers a chance to take an at home exploration into […]


Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Preview

As many of you know or rather who have faced me, I am a veteran Dead or Alive player. I had the whole series from the Sega Dreamcast, the DOA 3 Ultimate which came with DOA 1 and was the […]


Classic Horror Returns from Capcom: Resident Evil

So, most of you know already that a reboot is happening for the Resident Evil game as well as an announcement for Resident Evil 2: Revelations. This is one of the best horror games out there and if you are […]


Natural Movement will Keep you Alive in Dying Light

This new dev dairy will give you a close look on how to truly survive in the latest first person survival horror game Dying Light from Techland. Check it out and enjoy.


Pro Bending League gets Interactive in this Latest Preview Update

Welcome one and all to this latest update to the upcoming The Legend of Korra Video Game, which will feature full control of the Avatar herself. The best news to come today is the fact that you will be able […]