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Congrats to Team Ninja for Breaking a Million DOA 5 ULTIMATE: CORE FIGHTERS

Free-to-play fighting games are the newest thing to happen where you can just test out the core mechanics and maybe buy characters that you like later on. In Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, it takes that step while […]


Dying Light Humanity Preview

I tend to wonder how I would really change if the world went to hell. I mean we as gamers joke about being ready for some form of apocalypse, but when you really think about it. The price is way […]


Dying Light 9 Minute Featurette

The zombies are just a pain the butt, I mean I get it. You end up dead either by bite or chemical situation, get resurrected and now you are very hungry, but why does it have to be humans? What […]


Top Ten Tuesday: Racing Games That Should Be Movies and Vice Versa

Good Morning and happy Top Ten Tuesday. There are two different genres that are flipping platforms for fans coming out soon. The first announced was the Need For Speed movie starring Breaking Bads Aaron Paul and the 80’s Mel Gibson […]


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Stealth Game-play Preview

All right gamers and happy Thursday to you all. I have acquired this awesome video on the stealth capabilities of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and I am suckered in how amazing this game is looking, but of course that’s […]


Top Ten Female Video Game Characters

Video games have offered us many strong, independent female roles throughout their history. They are no longer helpless babes in need of saving; some of these females have turned into saviors or even great villains. We’ve acquired a list of […]


Preview of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Caribbean Open World Gameplay

    I have to say I am very impressed with the improvements to the new Black Flag, but I was also impressed with AC 3 before it came out. In the 13 minute play through you just witness, this […]


Splinter Cell Blacklist Panther Video Preview

  In this preview trailer of the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist title, you will get more in-depth information on the different styles. I believe I will more of the panther player when I obtain this title for the Ps3, however […]


Wtf Gamers? Premature Maturation: A Question of Quality vs Time.

If you read the title more than once, then props to my team at KKEnt for the help. I welcome you all to this week’s WTF Gamers?!? in which I will be talking about how games need that time to […]


KKEnt’s Latest Preview on Dying Light…Parkour Meets Zombies?

Get ready folks because here comes another zombie title….sigh. I understand that when a fad happens, people tend to run with it and right now we are expecting another zombie title coming from Techland in association with Warner Bros. Games. […]