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Metal Slime Dragon Quest Heroes PlayStation 4 Japan Only

You know what grinds my gears? The exclusive systems that are overseas only. I mean the industry knows we are fans, so why not bring it over? Fear of sales? Well thank god for Mom and pop stores that sell […]


Nintendo is Smashing Pax Prime with Some Hot Titles

What is going on Nintendo fans? Seattle Pax Prime coming up as the summer dwindles down to an end. I have to say that Nintendo has been showing some muscle all year with their new games coming out and that’s […]


Wtf Wednesday Presents That Twitch Effect

Whats up streamers and welcome to “What the F**k Wednesday?” where we dabble into things that make us go WTF in our community. So, last week twitch.tv dropped a bomb on us the streamers and so far it is already […]


An Encore For Rockband

Tom, thank you so much for hosting such an event. Nolan, thanks for inviting me. Brian, Ross, you guys are awesome! Thanks for inspiring me at an impasse where I felt I needed to give up what I love to […]


Prepare your Eye Holes for this Week in KKEnt

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Philly Jam Super Mario DJ Battle 2014

All I have to say is as a gamer, this is the hotness.     PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis along with The Roots perform at the 2014 Philly Jam. Source| 6ABC Action News


Kuma Kreations TeeSpring Campaign is Live

Happy Monday people and welcome here where we are proud to announce our new pre-order campaign for Kuma Kreations Entertainment T-shirts. Now I know what you thinking? Why should I participate or contribute? Well the fact that for the past […]


Retron 5 Event Console Wars Book Event At Video Games NY

What a way to start off your weekend by meeting with some good people for a console event and hitting up a video game themed rave right afterwards. If I could start off every weekend like that, I would be […]


A Stroke of Genius: The Art in Gaming

You know what is a pain in the joy pad? The idea is that many people are still debating on the idea of video games being an art form. The majority of you that feel to debate this fact must […]


A Special Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Games/Genres Should be on The WiiU

What is going on good people and welcome to this special Top Ten Tuesday where we have one of our admins bring his top ten list for the WiiU. This came about because we all feel that the Nintendo WiiU […]