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Akane the Kunoichi Review

It is always a problem being honor bound to your master while having secret feelings for them. I mean as a warrior you can’t mix feelings because if you emotions get in the way of your duty, someone could get […]


Evolve Alpha Sign up Information

Special shout to William Hart for the Alpha Information. Happy 4th of July good people and welcome to this outstanding news on the upcoming 4 vs. 1 title Evolve video game. As of right now there is an Alpha sign […]


Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Preview Update

At this years Anime Expo, we finally have a release date and a new trailer to showecase to you from Namco Bandai games. Check it out!


Legend of Korra Video Game Preview

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this amazing preview of an awesome cartoon which is having a season 3 premiere today, so why not show off a new game coming from Platnium Games and published by Activision. I am very […]


Review of Watch Dogs

Who could imagine that one could have the power over a city from one little device, well that’s the world we live in right now with everything controlled by computer chips. This is the paranoia most feared for years and […]


Update Preview on Watch Dogs 101

In the latest Watch Dogs video labeled “101″, Ubisoft gives you a deep break down of all that you will be doing in the upcoming title set for May 27th. If some of you are still skeptical about this title, […]


The Amazing Spider-man 2 The Video Game Review

It goes hand in hand when it comes to a comic book movie that a video game usually follows, but I like how my cousin asked, “Why do they always bring out the game before the movie?” That took me […]


Watch Dogs Digital Shadow App and Ebook Trailer Preview

What is going on people and happy Friday. I woke up this morning with an invite from Seph_Dean on the Digital Shadow app on Facebook. It is a fun application that ties with what you will have to deal with […]


Amazing Spider-man 2 Update: Kingpin Reveal

Some heroes have to understand that there will be always someone hiding behind the scenes ready and waiting to bring you down! This time around the web head is going to have to deal with the biggest crime boss of […]


Review of Need For Speed The Movie

I am not going to lie, the first thing that comes to any gamers mind when they hear, “We are going to make a video game movie!” from Hollywood is us screaming in agony because that is a taboo thing […]