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A Hazardous Preview of Hazard Ops

There are times when a video game can only have one goal to it and that is to blow everything and anything in your path. Hazard Ops brings just what any game could want in a third person shoot'em up with a lot of different enemies, especially some ghost ladies in heels just trying to tear you apart. I won't spoil the idea with all this writing, check out the gameplay trailer for yourself.



Kuma’s Review of Karateka HD Remake

What makes a man? There are many different versions to what people today believe a true man is, however the ways of the gentlemen is dying out by each year, because of those that misunderstand a man’s gesture. In Karateka, three brave men will climb up a mountain just to save the lovely Mariko from the evil overlord Akuma before her life is ruined for eternity marrying such a tyrant. The main question is, will you be strong enough to deal with the many adversaries before reaching the palace? I mean even Akuma's bird is gunning to take you down. Let us find out! (more…)...