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A Hazardous Preview of Hazard Ops

There are times when a video game can only have one goal to it and that is to blow everything and anything in your path. Hazard Ops brings just what any game could want in a third person shoot’em up […]


Kuma’s Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

There is nothing more nostalgic than that moment when you hear the phrase, “TURTLE POWER!” At that point you know it will be followed up with, “COWABUNGA!” and that my friends is when you know something awesome is about to […]


Kuma’s Review of Karateka HD Remake

What makes a man? There are many different versions to what people today believe a true man is, however the ways of the gentlemen is dying out by each year, because of those that misunderstand a man’s gesture. In Karateka, […]