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KKEnt’s Review of DMC

The first thing that was on a lot of gamer minds was, “What the hell did they do to Dante?” Now mind you this was before anyone had touched the game at all, but that is the world we live […]


Kuma’s Update: XCOM Enemy Unknown Pre-order Screens and Walkthrough Video

Welcome all to this XCOM: Enemy unknown walk-through video. In this video you will get an in-depth how to on what to expect in this re-imagining of the classic UFO: Enemy Unknown. The walk-through is narrated by Lead Designer, Jake […]


Xcom: Enemy Unknown Casualties of War Trailer and Screens

As some of you already know XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a re-imagining from UFO: Enemy Unknown which came out in 1994. This action/role-playing/strategy game pits players against an invasion in modern day Earth where you control a squad led by […]