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Bayonetta 2 Comes into Full Focus on Nintendo’s Stream

Are you ready for Bayonetta 2? If you were out and about missing out on something new today during Nintendo direct, well fear not because Kuma is here to showcase what you missed out on about Bayonetta 2 for the […]


Wtf Wednesday Presents That Twitch Effect

Whats up streamers and welcome to “What the F**k Wednesday?” where we dabble into things that make us go WTF in our community. So, last week twitch.tv dropped a bomb on us the streamers and so far it is already […]


An Encore For Rockband

Tom, thank you so much for hosting such an event. Nolan, thanks for inviting me. Brian, Ross, you guys are awesome! Thanks for inspiring me at an impasse where I felt I needed to give up what I love to […]


Nintendo Invades San Diego Comic Con

That is right, just like the kool-aid man Nintendo will be busting through the walls of SDCC with a massive Nintendo game fest for all to enjoy. You the visitor will get hands on play of Super Smash Bros on […]


TitanFall Review

We all tend to fight for something that we believe in, whether you’re a faction wants to up-rise against oppression or if you’re fighting against rebels that don’t understand the good you want to bring to all. The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation […]


Twitch Hitting the Xbox One

So ran into this article from ABC News where they stated that it will be twitchier than the PlayStation 4 version…that’s kind of an awkward thing to say. That’s a bit exaggerated, however starting up a stream through voice commands […]


Extra Life 2013 Hosted by Kuma Kreations Entertainment on Twitch.tv

This is finally happening. At midnight Tonight we kick this off to raise money for the Children. You can watch it here or on the main page @Twitch.tv/Kumakreations where you can interact with all us participating in this event. Watch […]


Extra Life Happening This Weekend! Come and Support Us

This is that week we all have been waiting and I am noticing that this is the year for new systems, but a little goes a long way. We here at Kuma Kreations Entertainment have been doing this for a […]


Review of Deadpool…Bring Your Own Chimichanga

The best way to start a “WTF Wednesday” is to play a game that makes you go, “What the f**k?” and with that being said it is time to begin this written portion of Deadpool. It is a game about […]


Injustice Gods Among Us Emperor Realm Tournament Hosted by KKEnt

There are these cool gamers called Emperor Realms and tonight at 6pm will be the battle of the Gods. There will be 32 combatants that will face off one another until there is a final determined winner. The matches will […]