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Metal Slime Dragon Quest Heroes PlayStation 4 Japan Only

You know what grinds my gears? The exclusive systems that are overseas only. I mean the industry knows we are fans, so why not bring it over? Fear of sales? Well thank god for Mom and pop stores that sell […]


Exclusive Batman Figurine at San Diego Comic Con

If you have not noticed by now Square Enix has been dabbling in the toy market for many years now with their amazing sculptures of famed game characters. A few years ago they started crossing over to DC and now […]


Review of Murdered: Soul Suspect

Everyone wonders what happens when you die? Do you see a light down a tunnel or is there just darkness? I highly doubt detective Ronan was expecting a rude encounter with some jacked up serial killer punching his ticket…literally out […]


Kuma’s Interview with Goldfish Cosplayer

I have been a part of the geek culture for a long time and when it is that time I get a chance to talk with people in the community, it is always an honor. This time around I was […]


Murdered: Soul Suspect Every Lead Video

This is one of those titles that are am highly anticipating, because of its unique nature of having to solve your own murder while beating the clock before death claims your soul. This is Murdered: Soul Suspect and in the […]


Quick Demo of Lightning Returns

Welcome everyone to this quick play-through of Lightning Returns Demo which is available now on PSN, but before I get into the game-play and other first impression, I wanted to touch base on those that are hating on this sequel […]


Amazon.com Pre-order Exclusive for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 X360)

The release of Lightning Returns is almost upon us and there is a lot of pre-order bonus to look forward to, but right now amazon.com has their own costume pre-order bonus. From Final Fantasy X, you will be able to […]


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Jump Festa Preview

Happy Holidays gamers and welcome to this latest preview which was held in Japan at the Jump Festa event where the new trailer of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix was released to the public. The kingdom hearts series is a […]


Preview of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Reveal

I find it a coincidence or irony, can’t remember which, but yesterday while shopping for a new game; a fellow gamer asked my opinion about him picking up Kingdom Hearts 1.5. He was reluctant with his buddy behind him trying […]


Latest Behind the Scenes Preview of Lightening Returns FF XIII

Welcome Final Fantasy fans to this preview post which Square Enix seems to have given what the fans have wanted. In the video below, you are going on a journey into Square Enix to take a behind the scenes look […]