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South Park: The Stick of Truth W.t.f. Review

It is very annoying being the new kid in town; it feels as though you are a walking introduction trying to fit in, especially with pushy parents kicking you out of the house to make friends. However, in a place […]


Kuma Steals your Attention with this Thief Review

I enjoy the idea of being a thief with honor, however how long will that last in a worth with hardly any nobility left? Either way as Garrett, you need all the tools to survive, but the choice will be […]


Update on Thief: Does your Past Define your Path?

Are you a person that lets their past define their path in life? How much weight do your sins have upon your soul? We all tend to have something that we regret or wish there was a different outcome. However […]


Soulcalibur Lost Swords Preview

Some of you may already know about this exclusive Ps3 only title hitting the PlayStation Store, but let me fill you in anyway. The latest installment to the Soulcalibur series coming from Namco Bandai games will be a free-to-play single […]


Wtf Wednesday Review of Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix

Smh…It is one thing to take on the world of Saints Row solo with all the special abilities catered to you, but it is another to have a busty partner join you in the silly antics of the latest DLC […]


Splinter Cell Blacklist Panther Video Preview

  In this preview trailer of the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist title, you will get more in-depth information on the different styles. I believe I will more of the panther player when I obtain this title for the Ps3, however […]


Pre-Order Preview and Walkthrough Video for Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series has been what I felt the parody to all sandbox titles, by actually breaking the boundaries and giving players full customization and hilarious mission scenarios. I have been a fan since the beginning because it was […]


KKEnt’s Spoiler Free Review of Remember Me

I will at admit; there are times that I wish I can rewrite my memories to have a lot happier ones, or just delete the ones that were either very embarrassing or just hurtful. The past seems to haunt a […]


KKEnt’s Review of Grid 2

Greetings race fans, welcome to KKEnt’s review of Grid 2 and since the heat is cranked up; it is considered the best season to go out racing. It has been five years since the first game was released to the […]


KKEnt’s First Impression of FUSE Demo on PlayStation 3

There were a lot of new games released lately, but one of them is a demo called FUSE from Insomniac Games. This title has been talked about for a few years and now you can try out this demo with […]