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Nintendo is Smashing Pax Prime with Some Hot Titles

What is going on Nintendo fans? Seattle Pax Prime coming up as the summer dwindles down to an end. I have to say that Nintendo has been showing some muscle all year with their new games coming out and that’s […]


Nintendo Invades San Diego Comic Con

That is right, just like the kool-aid man Nintendo will be busting through the walls of SDCC with a massive Nintendo game fest for all to enjoy. You the visitor will get hands on play of Super Smash Bros on […]


Preview of Blade Arcus from Shining

This is not the first time a video game switches genres and becomes a fighting series. Sega is not new to the fighting series and this time Blade Arcus from the famed role playing game series Shining. This is the […]


Thoughts and Preview of Sonic Boom

For more than two decades Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the world’s biggest gaming icons, with over 70 video game titles, four animated series, and an extensive global merchandising line to his name.  This year SEGA® is excited […]


New Sega All Stars Figure of Akira Yuki

Virtua Fighter fans can rejoice now because Kuma has pre-order information for the next release of Sega Figurine characters of Akira Yuki. The first preview I did was of Shenmues Ryo and now Virtua Fighter is stepping in to add […]


Sega Cup Virtua Tournament 2014

Today announced by Sega of America they are starting this years tournament off in Walnut, California at the Super Arcade. This tournament is in continuation with partnership with Alex Valle and Level|Up. The 2014 will kick off April 26th with […]


Preview Trailer of Aliens: Isolation

Talk about inheriting the family curse in Amanda Ripley never expected to walk the same path as her Mother Ellen. It has been fifteen years since the first battles of the xenomorphs and it is now up to Amanda to […]


Top Ten Tuesday’s Best of Console Bundles Present and Past

Everyone loves a good bundle package and when the holidays come around we would expect more of these to happen, but the industry seems reluctant on making you make your own bundles. I can see why people even with a […]


Throwback Thursday Presents: Just a Gamers Memory of P.O.S 51

Hello all and welcome to this throwback Thursday memory I would like to share with you all and yes I am a Formula 51 fan, hence why the title is called that. I named it that because I had a […]


Preview of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

The world of DOA has shaken the fighting community in many different ways, but that could be for having some exaggerated boob physics. In any case a new version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is coming out soon that […]