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GRID Autosport Review

Leave it to CodeMasters to come in and help subdue your crave for speed this summer, and speed is what you will get from GRID AutoSport! Now normally I would be just chilling back on my couch with my controller […]


Preview Update: The Crew Never Drive Alone

Oh it has been so long since the last time I previewed the crew which is what is now called a Massive Multi-player Car.P.G where you can drive anywhere in the United states making your own Cannibal Run if you […]


NFS Underground 3…Rumors? Who Cares, Just Give Us The Game!

Happy Monday racing fans and gamers of the world to this post on the supposed Need For Speed Undergound 3. Last week the internet blew up with a fan deviantart post of a NFS Undergound 3 poster, but it was […]


Grid 2 Initial D Parody Video.

All right racing fans, this week we received on PlayStation Plus Grid 2 for free. I was floored and loved this game so much that I did a shout out to my friends to acquire this amazing simulator racing game. […]


Preview of MXGP and The New Physics Footage

Welcome motocross fans to this preview of MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame coming to PC, Ps3, Ps4, PS Vita and Xbox 360 Spring of next year. I don’t know about you, but motocross is a tough sport and so far […]


Update on The Crew: Customize your Own Mini Cooper STM

New information from Ubisoft regarding the upcoming MMO Carpg The Crew. If you go to the main webpage where Ubisoft just launched “Skin a Car”; which is a unique EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern, Asia) community contest. For all the fans […]


Top Ten Tuesday: Racing Games That Should Be Movies and Vice Versa

Good Morning and happy Top Ten Tuesday. There are two different genres that are flipping platforms for fans coming out soon. The first announced was the Need For Speed movie starring Breaking Bads Aaron Paul and the 80′s Mel Gibson […]


Preview Play-through of Ridge Racer Driftopia

What is going on gamers? Happy Friday to you all and welcome to kuma’s preview play-through of Ridge Racer Driftopia, which is a beta going on right now on Steam. I hardly believe in any racing game that should be […]