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Wtf Gamers talk on PlayStation Now Pricing Services

Happy Friday good people and welcome to this WTF Gamers post about PlayStation Now pricing. Now I was visiting geek.com when I came across this article about the supposed pricing for renting digital content using the new Sony backwards compatibility […]


Preview of Deception IV: Blood Ties

Evil can take on many forms and definitely can make the purist of hearts corrupt, but what if you are already born with evil intent? How would you make humans suffer? It comes down to the way you set your […]


The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Review with Behind the Scenes Footage

What happens when your favorite fairy tales take on a grim twist? In our youth, we were told many fantastic stories of happy endings and heroes saving damsels from either monsters or towers. As we get older the stories become […]


Preview of Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z

If you’ve ever watched a Dragon Ball Z episode, you know you waited a long time before you can get to the real action, but thankfully throughout the years the games have gave us what we wanted as Z Fighters. […]


Top Ten Games of the Summer

Summer is in full swing and for many, it means making plans to hit the beach, relax and just generally partake in leisure. Video games being one of the primary forms of relaxation for many, the summer is a perfect […]


KKEnt’s Honorable Mention: Tamara Carrion owner of That Girl’s Site

  Greetings all, welcome back to another addition of Kuma Kreations Entertainment honorable mention. At times we do two each a month to showcase a special fan or page that deserves a mention that some might have passed up. I […]


KKEnt’s Honorable Mention of Elly Honda

Hello fans and welcome back to this months Honorable Mention, where I Kuma interview those select few in our entertainment community that deserve to be mentioned. There are a lot of fascinating gamers, musicians, artist and bloggers out there communicating […]


KKEnt’s Preview of Lego Legend of Chima with Writers Thoughts

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this preview post about the new Lego title coming to the iOS, Nintendo 3Ds and PlayStation Vita handheld. I rarely get a chance to post kid friend games for the masses, including those few […]


KKEnt Happy Holidays Race Fans: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Review

It is now after the holiday’s ad we are coming close to the end of the year. I received a few gifts this year since I was such a “good” bear and one of them was Need for Speed: Most […]