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Release Day Announcement: R-Type Dimensions

I don’t know how many of you young gamers remember this game or downloaded it back in 2009 on the Xbox Marketplace, but R-Type has been one of those nostalgic futuristic shooters of my generation. I remember way back when […]


Wtf Gamers Presents: Sony your heart is in the right place, but…

What is going on gamers? I am here to discuss a rising problem with some gamers on PSN right now. If you have an offensive gamer-tag or it may seems offensive, then be prepared to receive a ban hammer with […]


First Impressions of Ace Combat Infinity on Ps3

DANGER ZONE! That is right people kuma here with my combat report of the open beta that was released today. Ace Combat Infinity is available right now to download and it features two campaign missions to get you in the […]


Retro Review: Legend of Kay

Before the legend of a Panda saving his village there was a legend far more cute and fluffier in the form of a Cat. This is his epic Journey trying to stop the oppression of his people and other fury […]


A Classic Makes a PSN Comeback Legend of Kay

Announced today the return of a Ps2 classic in the European PSN store Legend of Kay. In Legend of Kay, you will embark on a heroes journey through this action plat-former using your martial arts to battle the forces of […]


Latest Beta Trailer and Information of Ace Combat Infinity

The new beta trailer has arrived for you Mavericks out there wanting to hit the DANGER ZONE! Yes that is right I quoted both Top Gun and Archer and I regret nothing. Check it out and enjoy!


Tekken Evolution Preview of Eliza in Skills Video

  Did this chick just fall asleep in the middle of her intro? Wow that was hilarious, but adding a vampire to the mixture of Tekken Evolution is a great choice. If you have not tried out this Free to […]


Kimchee X Previews Alien Rage

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, KimChee X here to give you a pre release preview of “Alien Rage.” This is a Sci – Fi FPS and you know what that means, you get to shoot a shitload of aliens, booya. […]


Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review

Good Day y’all, first and foremost let me introduce myself, I am Kimchee X. I will be reviewing the first person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I know this game came out back in August but I did not get […]


KKEnt’s Preview of TMNT Out of the Shadows Raphael Showcase

I swear the more I get information about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows direct download game; the more I get shell shocked. This time around we get a look at the fiercer of the green […]