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Dead Island 2 Gamescon Preview

In Spring 2015, be prepared to slaughter, mame, dismantle and, of course, smash in the new Dead Island 2 that features some interesting ways to deal with the Zombie hordes. Lets watch the carnage shall we!


Transformers Universe Double XP Weekend Thoughts

This passed fourth of July weekend I received an e-mail instructing me to represent my independence as a Cybertronian by defending Earth against the Decepticons with a Double XP weekend. I mean with such an invitation how could I say […]


GRID Autosport Review

Leave it to CodeMasters to come in and help subdue your crave for speed this summer, and speed is what you will get from GRID AutoSport! Now normally I would be just chilling back on my couch with my controller […]


#LSCarShow Snapmatic Photo Contest by Rockstar Games

If you have not tried out Grand Theft Auto V’s online feature yet, I have no idea what you are waiting for…well besides the heist, but right now Rockstar is running a contest asking you the gamer to show off […]


Kuma’s Review of Grand Theft Auto V

There are a few other features I did not mention in my video review. The characters that you will be using will have their own special abilities in there meter, for example Trevor will have a rage mode once you […]


Kuma’s Review of Saints Row IV

  There is not a lot that I touched based on in my video review, but thankfully you are kind enough to stick around to hear more that I have to say…right? There are no longer garages for you to […]


Shared Thoughts on that Grand Theft Auto V Multi-player Reveal Video

Oh my glob, did you see that world premiere video of Grand theft Auto V? That blew my freaking mind how epic the world looks and mixed with major multi-player improvements. Now I have been a Rockstar player for many […]


Preview of Watchdogs Hacking is Your Weapon Video

You ever wonder how much tech is out there that is controlled by one main system? I would think that is a very scary thought, especially if someone knew how to penetrate the defenses of said mainframe to take control. […]


Preview: Racing MMO CaRpg Called The Crew

The walk-through below gives you a more in-depth look at what to expect from the new racing game The Crew which is meant for the next gen-consoles and fine tuned PC’s. At first glance I am just seeing this as […]


Anticipating Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It’s that time of year again.  Any and everywhere you look, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re hearing something about E3.  Of course the next-generation consoles attracted the most attention and coverage, but lets not forget about the real focus […]