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Preview of Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker Toy

This Month get ready to add something cute and wonderful to your Tri-force collection with this preview of Link the Wind Waker toy made by Nendoroid. I have to admit that this little guy needs to be in my collection, […]


Nintendo Invades San Diego Comic Con

That is right, just like the kool-aid man Nintendo will be busting through the walls of SDCC with a massive Nintendo game fest for all to enjoy. You the visitor will get hands on play of Super Smash Bros on […]


Philly Jam Super Mario DJ Battle 2014

All I have to say is as a gamer, this is the hotness.     PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis along with The Roots perform at the 2014 Philly Jam. Source| 6ABC Action News


Hyrule Warriors Showcase: Zelda Kicking Much Butt

I know many of you have a thing for our princess and probably will have a better shot at her than Link will ever have, but forget all that for a second and look at this preview of Zelda going […]


Retron 5 Event Console Wars Book Event At Video Games NY

What a way to start off your weekend by meeting with some good people for a console event and hitting up a video game themed rave right afterwards. If I could start off every weekend like that, I would be […]


Summer Plus Family Fun Equals Nintendo

You don’t know why it makes sense, but you know it does… Or maybe it’s because of Nintendo’s announcement of their THREE MONTH “PLAY NINTENDO TOUR”! From their successful presentation during E3, it would only be right to do a […]


Architeuthidae’s Top 5 from E3 2014

Ok guys, we all know E3 was amazing this year. With the next-gen consoles up and running, we’ve seen some amazing potential being unlocked and toyed with thanks to incredible leaps in both hardware and software. But it isn’t just […]


Nintendo Came in Strong and Left with a Victory at E3

I came into the conference hoping for something great from Nintendo and I have to admit these guys know how to have fun with their own product by making us the gamer understand what it is to be a part […]


The E3 2014 Pre-Show Anticipation Video Cast

Whats up everyone and welcome to this years E3 Pre-Show anticipation vidcast with Goldfish and Kuma. We thought it would be a good idea to sit down and have a little chat over skype to share out thoughts on what […]


A Special Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Games/Genres Should be on The WiiU

What is going on good people and welcome to this special Top Ten Tuesday where we have one of our admins bring his top ten list for the WiiU. This came about because we all feel that the Nintendo WiiU […]