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Hyrule Warriors Showcase: Zelda Kicking Much Butt

I know many of you have a thing for our princess and probably will have a better shot at her than Link will ever have, but forget all that for a second and look at this preview of Zelda going […]


A Special Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Games/Genres Should be on The WiiU

What is going on good people and welcome to this special Top Ten Tuesday where we have one of our admins bring his top ten list for the WiiU. This came about because we all feel that the Nintendo WiiU […]


3…2…1…Go! Mario Kart 8 Releases This Friday

That is right kart fans it is time to revve that engine and hope to the Nintendo gods to avoid all Blue Shells, because come this Friday May 30th you will be crossing that race line in Mario Kart 8. […]


Super Smash Bros. Smash Fest Sneak Preview at Best Buy

For all you Super Smash Bros fans that are anticipating the new release coming to the Nintendo WiiU and 3Ds/2Ds handhelds. I think you might enjoy this preview information, because of a partnership with Best Buy and players will have […]


Review of Watch Dogs

Who could imagine that one could have the power over a city from one little device, well that’s the world we live in right now with everything controlled by computer chips. This is the paranoia most feared for years and […]


Nintendo Update: Hyrule Warriors WiiU Preview

Nintendo is pulling out the punches with some interesting titles and since last years E3 announcement of a new Zelda game, we finally have some screens of the upcoming title. Hyrule Warriors will mix both Zelda universe with a Dynasty […]


Update Preview on Watch Dogs 101

In the latest Watch Dogs video labeled “101″, Ubisoft gives you a deep break down of all that you will be doing in the upcoming title set for May 27th. If some of you are still skeptical about this title, […]


The Amazing Spider-man 2 The Video Game Review

It goes hand in hand when it comes to a comic book movie that a video game usually follows, but I like how my cousin asked, “Why do they always bring out the game before the movie?” That took me […]


Watch Dogs Digital Shadow App and Ebook Trailer Preview

What is going on people and happy Friday. I woke up this morning with an invite from Seph_Dean on the Digital Shadow app on Facebook. It is a fun application that ties with what you will have to deal with […]


Nintendo Update: New Championship Mode Brings Nostalgic Competition to NES Remix 2

I tell you that this news came at a perfect time for Throwback Thursday that many of you Nintendo fans will enjoy. I know many of you might be too young to remember, but there was a very big tournament […]