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KKEnt Happy Holidays Race Fans: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Review

It is now after the holiday’s ad we are coming close to the end of the year. I received a few gifts this year since I was such a “good” bear and one of them was Need for Speed: Most […]


Update: Gamescon Need For Speed Most Wanted Multi-player Trailer

Video Provided by Electronic Arts’s I have to give Criterion Games props when it comes to excellent multi-player with vehicles and since most wanted is going to be screaming for high impact action as well as crazy cop chases. I […]


Update: Need For Speed Most Wanted Multiplayer Teaser

Video Provided by Electronic Arts. There is nothing like a high speed chase without your buddies to join you in the fun of racing down city streets being chased by old cherry tops. I am really hoping that this remake […]


Need For Speed Most Wanted Key Features

I am back once again race fans with a nice fact sheet for Need For Speed Most Wanted which will be coming out October 30th of this year. If you ever played hot pursuit or Most Wanted, then you can […]


E3 2012 Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay Footage

The developers at Need For Speed are at it again bringing back the Most Wanted game that we all loved, but this time Criterion Games is taking over so the crash physics should be over board, however you can see […]


E3 Trailer Need for Speed Most Wanted

I have riddle for you, what is your worst enemy while driving that can’t see whats in-front of you, but always watches your back? In racing that riddle would refer to your rear view mirror, because when you are the […]