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GRID Autosport Review

Leave it to CodeMasters to come in and help subdue your crave for speed this summer, and speed is what you will get from GRID AutoSport! Now normally I would be just chilling back on my couch with my controller […]


Hands on with Destiny: Alpha

After many months with gamers demanding a beta, we finally get one. Well supposedly an Alpha, but either way we finally get to play Destiny: Alpha on the PS4! Upon the start of the game you automatically get prompted in […]


The Evolution of Call of Duty: Detailing the Highlights (and low-lights) of the Franchise.

I want you to stop, take a moment and tell me what you were doing ten years ago.  How old were you? What grade were you in? What console did you own? What was your new favorite video game? Chances […]


Wtf Wednesday Review of Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix

Smh…It is one thing to take on the world of Saints Row solo with all the special abilities catered to you, but it is another to have a busty partner join you in the silly antics of the latest DLC […]


Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Honestly, it’s about time that Call of Duty learned too embrace it’s innate silliness. This game makes bold claims of authenticity, before asking you to shoot terrorist astronauts, avoid shark attacks while infiltrating an underground shipwreck before being saved by […]


Grand Theft Auto V Online Update – Direct from Rockstar Games

Direct from Rockstar Games: Thank you to everyone for joining in GTA Online throughout this first month of its release, for all of your awesome Online Snapmatic pics and Crew videos that we’ve spotted, for your patience and understanding as […]


Splinter Cell Blacklist Panther Video Preview

  In this preview trailer of the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist title, you will get more in-depth information on the different styles. I believe I will more of the panther player when I obtain this title for the Ps3, however […]


Pre-Order Preview and Walkthrough Video for Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series has been what I felt the parody to all sandbox titles, by actually breaking the boundaries and giving players full customization and hilarious mission scenarios. I have been a fan since the beginning because it was […]


Wtf Gamers? Premature Maturation: A Question of Quality vs Time.

If you read the title more than once, then props to my team at KKEnt for the help. I welcome you all to this week’s WTF Gamers?!? in which I will be talking about how games need that time to […]


KKEnt’s Review of Grid 2

Greetings race fans, welcome to KKEnt’s review of Grid 2 and since the heat is cranked up; it is considered the best season to go out racing. It has been five years since the first game was released to the […]