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Animations and Patreon Page From Mr. Trickster!

What happens when a dreamer works hard to make their dreams a reality? Awesomeness, pure awesomeness. Welcome to another one of my post where this time, I talk about me and what I do for a living. So, let’s get […]


Review on Powers & Comic Book Comparison

After a long month of fixing my computer, I am back to tackle this questionable show of Powers and compare it with its comic book counterpart by the same name. Let’s get started!


Com-Mix Review of Powers Ep. 2 and 3

Double time on this review! We’re tackling two episodes of the cop/superhero show of Powers. Let’s see if they can deliver once again with action and thrill just like from the pilot. After the “cliffhanger” in the first episode, Calista […]


Com-Mix Review of Powers ep. 1 a PlayStation Exclusive

A story placed in a world of superheroes and super villains, with an edge. So far, we are introduced to the pilot episode about the life of Christian Walker, a detective and former superhero, or Power as they call them […]