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Throwback Thursday Presents: Beyond Good & Evil Review

What do you get when you mix April O’Neil, Peter Parker and the skills of bo staff martial artist? Give up? You get a kick-a** futuristic investigative reporter that will take down anyone trying to mess with the kids she […]


Kuma’s Review of Karateka HD Remake

What makes a man? There are many different versions to what people today believe a true man is, however the ways of the gentlemen is dying out by each year, because of those that misunderstand a man’s gesture. In Karateka, […]


Kuma Presents: Zone of the Enders HD Collection Trailer

This is coming from San Diego Comic Con and if you were not able to go, it is all good that is why I am here to supply you with the information. This trailer below will show you a seven […]


Kuma’s Happy To Announce Nights Into Dreams HD Remake

I was a very young cub back in 1995 when I bugged my parents for a Sega Saturn and of course that Christmas season came out when Nights into Dreams special edition was announced with that prototype black dreamcast controller. […]