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Review of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends PC

You know the old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well what about, “just because it is not broke, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved”? The Dynasty Warriors series is a prime example of that same notion with […]


Hammerwatch Review PC

One moment you’re walking around the corner, weapon ready. The next, you’re retreating back around that corner, followed by a horde of insurmountable odds. This is Hammerwatch, the dungeon crawling hack-and-slash adventure that cause everyone to immediately think of the good […]


Review of Deadpool…Bring Your Own Chimichanga

The best way to start a “WTF Wednesday” is to play a game that makes you go, “What the f**k?” and with that being said it is time to begin this written portion of Deadpool. It is a game about […]


Kuma’s Review of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

In times of weakness you have to wonder what are you willing to sacrifice to be stronger? If you had the chance to be a stronger, more efficient you, would you take the chance? It seems the future of cybornetics […]


KKEnt’s Review of DMC

The first thing that was on a lot of gamer minds was, “What the hell did they do to Dante?” Now mind you this was before anyone had touched the game at all, but that is the world we live […]


KKEnt’s First Impression Preview of DMC Demo

As a Demon hunter I think Dante has every right to be as a**hole and every right to do as he pleases. I mean come on, he is the pretty much the only one truly giving a damn about society […]


Kuma’s Retro Review of BloodRayne 2 PSN

How many Dhampir’s you know off the top of your head? (Dhampir: Half Human Half Vampire) I have known only two my whole entire life that really impacted my life style and that is D from Vampire Hunter D Movies/Manga […]


Ascend: New Gods E3 2012 Xbox 360 Exclusive Teaser

There was not much going on in the teaser to explain what you will be doing in Ascend: New Gods, but luckily I am that kind of gamer to do some digging. The game will feature a hack and slash […]