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Gundam Build Fighters Try ep. 20 Review: Unbreakable Heat

There have been many times when a person obsession can turn into an ugly ambition. It becomes a noble purpose at first, but then the corruption sets in where those few will do anything to anyone to get what they […]


Gundam Build Fighters Try ep. 16: Gunpla is Freedom

How far would you go for your teammates? Comrades, friends, allies or whatever you call them; can you say you would put in your all to help them succeed? In this episode we see the passion of Sakai evolve from […]


Gundam Build Fighters Try ep. 15 Review

Team Try Fighters are back and ready to go all in this time facing harsher opponents and putting their Gunpla to a true test of their skills. This is the event that they have been waiting for a long time […]


There is Honor in Every Battle: Gundam Build Fighters Try ep 7 Review

You know, having loyal comrades by your side is a special privilege, especially when you are in dire need of support. In this latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try, we see a true story of friendship with deep loyalty […]


Gundam Build Fighters Try Review ep. 6: Trust in Your Team

There is nothing wrong with a good tactic, but sometimes those tactics feel a bit cheap just to win a battle that is supposed to be fun. In this latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try, team Try Fighters are […]


Gundam Build Fighters try Review ep. 5: Being one With Your Gunpla

where to get loans quick in usaOne of the things I as taught while training in combat is to know your surroundings and your own limitations. You have to gauge yourself in order to be a better fighter and in […]