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Throwback Thursday with a Strider Retro-Spec Video

This is the perfect day to take a trip back through memory lane of Strider titles that is leading up to the new Strider game that has been long over due. In this video from capcomunity showing a retro-spec of […]


Updated Screens of the New Strider Game

Not too long ago at last years E3 we got a nice glimpse of upcoming Strider game coming to gamers as a download on PC, Ps3, Ps4, and Xbox 360. There is no word if the Xbox One will acquire […]


Kuma’s Throwback Thursday Review of Def Jam Fight For NY

How important is your reputation? Do you understand what it means when representing for your crew? Someone once said that having respect is far greater than someone fearing you. In the City that never sleeps, it is all on the […]


The Original Assassin Makes A Comeback In This Preview of Strider

The ultimate ninja returns for current and next gen consoles in Strider which will be a direct download that will rock your home. The last time we were graced with this classic ninja was only in the Marvel vs. Capcom […]


Top Ten Tuesday’s: Top Ten Moments in Gaming

As gamers we have those particular moments that make us go, “WOW THAT WAS AWESOME!” and there have many moments that just made us all go, “Damn that was harsh…” In honor of the name of this post, we here […]


Review of Deadpool…Bring Your Own Chimichanga

The best way to start a “WTF Wednesday” is to play a game that makes you go, “What the f**k?” and with that being said it is time to begin this written portion of Deadpool. It is a game about […]


Wtf Gamers? Premature Maturation: A Question of Quality vs Time.

If you read the title more than once, then props to my team at KKEnt for the help. I welcome you all to this week’s WTF Gamers?!? in which I will be talking about how games need that time to […]


Kuma’s Review of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

It seems that this year is full of reboots and revamps of certain titles and this week Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge that originally came out for the Nintendo Wii-U was ported to Ps3 and Xbox 360. I will admit that […]


Kuma’s Latest Preview of PayDay 2

What would be considered your prefect crime? Have you planned each and every possible outcome? Or an even better question would be, what are you going to do with your loot once you obtained them? These are usually the factors […]


Kuma’s Latest Update Preview of Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Gameplay

Can you be a real team player? Is it actually possible for you to partner up with a buddy to live up to the responsibility of great support? If so then you came to the right place. Throughout our lives […]