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Battlefield Hardline Story and Multiplayer Preview

You know, being a First Person Shooter veteran has its ups and downs. For example in the FPS community, I am the black sheep because I enjoy the campaign and play it first before the multi-player. (dodges tomatoes) I know […]


Do we Really Have a Better Call of Duty in Advanced Warfare?

That is the question that is going on so far, but I kind of cleaned up some of the satire a bit. The Call of Duty series has gone through many changes and jumping to different generations. At first we […]


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – The Appeal

Good Morning Fellow Readers, By now we have all played some sort of First Person game, whether it be a shooter, a rpg, or an action game. But Counter – Strike has been my go to game continuously night after […]


Borderlands Pre-Sequel Dev Diary 1

It is always a pleasure to see the steps taken to make a video game and right now we have the Borderlands Pre-Sequel Developers Diary number 1 to share with you.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Terminal Trailer

Enjoy this latest trailer showcasing Terminal. For you Halo Veterans out there, you will feel the nostalgia from this famous story-line. It is time to grab your noob cannons and get ready this fall.


Handsome Jack Tips for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

The eccentric Handsome Jack has a few tips for you Vault hunters out there in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Pay attention end up on the moon without a helmet…and thats just him being merciful.


Homefront: The Revolution Preview

I said it many times about the difference between Freedom and Power, especially when it comes down to someone with more power invading your homeland taking your freedoms away. Welcome everyone to this E3 preview of Homefront: The Revolution where […]


Preview Update: Wolfenstein: The New Order Rising Sun Trailer

I have to laugh because when I received this video, it came with a disclaimer which I will post before the actual video. However in video game logic, if it comes with a warning and a threat to be put […]


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Preview

I enjoy having people in different time zones as friends, because I get to wake up in the morning to some news I might of missed. Rather I just like having certain gamers as friends to clue me in on […]


March Madness II Mega Ran Remix

I am a person that digs a lot of music, but in each genre something catches my ears and that time is now. There is this artist goes by the name Darealwordsound and he decided to combine his geek persona […]