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Top Ten Tuesday Presents: Things To Expect When Gaming Online

Hello friends and welcome to this week’s Triple T, where we discuss and bring up the top ten things in gaming, comic books or life situations, while keeping to the geek/gaming culture. Recently I had some fun matches in an […]


Girl Fight Hits Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

Girl Fight, the new arcade-style 3D fighting game from Kung Fu Factory is now available on the PlayStation®Network and will be available on Xbox Live online entertainment network from Microsoft tomorrow, September 25th. Promising a “unique all-female, fast-paced spin on […]


Wtf Gamers Presents: Being Good Is Actually Bad?

When did gaming online become such a contradiction? How many of you had to deal with hate mail or voice messages from other gamers getting on your case for being a better player? Have you dealt with being called a […]


Wtf Gamers? The Dark Hado of Collusion

    col·lu·sion: A secret agreement between two or more parties for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.   Match Fixing: occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game […]


Preview of Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Exclusive to Ps3

It was announced on July 4th of this exclusive title coming to the PlayStation 3 from Namco Bandai, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers. If you never heard of the series, I would advise you to get with the program because it […]


KKEnt’s Thought on Gamer vs. Gamer with Mod Controller

There is a Tall Tale about a Steel Driver named John Henry who took on a machine that was meant to replace humans. This did not go well for Mr. Henry and his steel hammer. The sad part is he […]


Kuma’s Review of 2013 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

As gamers we try to prove to the world how awesome we are by either performing great moves or challenges while playing video games or being the best in the culture through collections. Many of us show our strengths by […]