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Kuma Kreation’s Top Ten : Cosplay Inspirations

There are many reasons why people cosplay and especially nowadays with the rise of sexual freedom it has been a growing subject within the geek scene. Naturally as a cosplayer, I would be requested by Kuma to list out my […]

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Sexy Nerds Retro Game Night June 28th

You ever wanted to go some where and just let out your inner powerful geek? Ever just wanted to have a conversation about all things nerd or gaming? Well look no further because there are those that have the same […]


Update Preview on Watch Dogs 101

In the latest Watch Dogs video labeled “101”, Ubisoft gives you a deep break down of all that you will be doing in the upcoming title set for May 27th. If some of you are still skeptical about this title, […]


Watch Dogs Digital Shadow App and Ebook Trailer Preview

What is going on people and happy Friday. I woke up this morning with an invite from Seph_Dean on the Digital Shadow app on Facebook. It is a fun application that ties with what you will have to deal with […]


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten of the Worst Video Games to Movies

Happy Tuesday everyone; welcome to our top ten of this last week of July. I have to admit that summer is going by a little too quickly for my taste, but I digress. This week we are going to touch […]


KKEnt’s Extra Life Announcement: Elite Gaming Nation Recruiting Starts Now

Happy Wednesday, welcome to this new announcement as we here at Kuma Kreations Entertainment are entering the second year of Extra Life. Kuma has done it for three years, but KKEnt first started last year, but that is not important […]


KKEnt’s Honorable Mention: Tamara Carrion owner of That Girl’s Site

  Greetings all, welcome back to another addition of Kuma Kreations Entertainment honorable mention. At times we do two each a month to showcase a special fan or page that deserves a mention that some might have passed up. I […]


Kuma’s Thought on For the grace of Gaming…

How is that when you see a picture of a female playing video games in something sexy or scandalous, you automatically jump to the conclusion that she is a poser? I was not aware that you were that in-depth into […]


Call of Duty: Black Ops II Battle of the Sexes 2013 and Some Tournament Info.

Good Morning gamers and welcome, it has been a long time since we all enjoyed a good battle between ladies and gentlemen in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The founder of this great event is DrNikki who leads EliteGirlGamers […]


Battle of the Sexes is Alive Once Again

It has been a long time since the battle of the sexes has happened and finally it is being revitalized once again. This is kuma here with the great announcement of the return of Elite Girl Gamers B.O.S on Call […]