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No Titans…no Specters…Pilot Skirmish Only in Titanfall

Titanfall has been out for quite sometime now and there have been some issues, but to me it wasn’t that bad mostly from the users. However recently Respawn Entertainment decided to give us a few updates and one in particular […]


Battlefield Hardline Story and Multiplayer Preview

You know, being a First Person Shooter veteran has its ups and downs. For example in the FPS community, I am the black sheep because I enjoy the campaign and play it first before the multi-player. (dodges tomatoes) I know […]


Mirrors Edge 2 Announced and That Makes Kuma Happy

E3 2014 was such a delight and it that time where we weed through the games that caught our eyes and captured out hearts. The one game that I was waiting to hear about was Mirrors Edge Two and I […]


Review of Need For Speed The Movie

I am not going to lie, the first thing that comes to any gamers mind when they hear, “We are going to make a video game movie!” from Hollywood is us screaming in agony because that is a taboo thing […]


Top Ten Tuesday Presents: We Got A Fever for More Lego Games

The Lego franchise has blown up tremendously through the years and the recent success of The Lego Movie, just shows how amazing and creative you can be with legos. However, I’ve had many talks through the years of what would […]


NFS Underground 3…Rumors? Who Cares, Just Give Us The Game!

Happy Monday racing fans and gamers of the world to this post on the supposed Need For Speed Undergound 3. Last week the internet blew up with a fan deviantart post of a NFS Undergound 3 poster, but it was […]


Reviewing The Battlefield 4 Controller

Greetings gamers and welcome to my first tech review before the years end. Recently hitting up a game store, I noticed that they turned a particular bundle to pre-owned price, specifically the Battlefield 4 controller. It was sold separately for […]


Top Ten Tuesday Presents: Top Ten Sad Moments in Anime, Cartoons and Gaming

Hello everyone and welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays. On this Triple T day we will touch base on those top ten moments in our geek, gaming and anime world. This time around I started to think about those sad moments […]


FIFA Interactive world cup kicks off today.

Via Press Release: The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) 2014 kicks off today, with the tournament set to come closer to the FIFA World Cup™ than ever before. The FIWC is now open to millions of competitors from all over […]