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PlayStation Now Announced, but what does that mean?

Special shout out to my friend RCMotorsports for putting me on this news. It was announced at CES the new PlayStation Now that will import a nice cloud system across sony consoles. I am only mentioning that because that was […]


January PlayStation Plus Leaked Information

Thanks to the fine people at NeoGaf for the information, it is now leaked that the upcoming titles that will be free to the Plus users are as followed below, but this is not definite. I am actually looking forward […]


KKEnt’s Review of DMC

The first thing that was on a lot of gamer minds was, “What the hell did they do to Dante?” Now mind you this was before anyone had touched the game at all, but that is the world we live […]


Behind the Scenes Footage of Devil May Cry

I always enjoy a good behind the scenes videos on upcoming titles. I am just wondering if this new version of Devil May Cry will live up to the fans expectations, because I am enjoying the revamp and more grounded […]


E3 Devil May Cry Trailer

The E3 trailers just keep on comign and this time around I have the new Devil May Cry trailer showcasing a cool introduction and a bit of information about the enemies you will be dealing with as Dante revamped. This […]