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DC Comics Bishoujo The New Teen Titans: Starfire Pre-order

DC fans all, welcome to this Toy pre-order information from Play-Asia.com of Starfire. If you do not know who this Teen Titan is then I would definitely do a lot of research, because she is one of the famed titans […]


Review of Batman: Assault on Arkham

How insane can you be? I would think only a crazy person would ask such a question to another person that has lost their mind. I mean what kind of answer do you expect from a crazy person, especially one […]


Suspicious Return of Young Justice Reveal at SDCC 2014

Okay, before you pick up your paper bag to hyperventilate, this is an “if” or “maybe” scenario for Warner Brothers may announce this huge return of our favorite cartoon series that was cancelled way before its time. This was one […]


The Atom Comes to Arrow

This is exciting news for you the Arrow fans out there. It seems that CW’s great superhero series Arrow that has been spawning more characters with each season just announced that Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim Saves the World) […]


Exclusive Batman Figurine at San Diego Comic Con

If you have not noticed by now Square Enix has been dabbling in the toy market for many years now with their amazing sculptures of famed game characters. A few years ago they started crossing over to DC and now […]


Com-Mix Strip Review of Superman Doomed #1

So it has been already 3 years since the debut of the New 52 series by DC Comics and I have to admit it is a series with high and low points. It seems that the roles changed when the […]


Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Preview

This is the moment we all been waiting for to get a glimpse at what to expect when we dawn the cape and cowl once again. I welcome you all back to this Batman Update to the upcoming title coming […]


Com-Mix Strip Presents: Superman Vs. Batman Vs. Me

With Marvel Studios moving progressively forward, DC’s very own cinematic universe is looking towards the horizon with the very much anticipated film “Batman vs. Superman”, starring Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman). Aside from Marvel’s achievements, we look at DC’s cinematic universe […]


That Batman: Arkham Knight Update with Screens

At this years GDC, Rocksteady sits with developers to talk about the latest Batman Arkham Knights title coming to the PC, Ps4 and Xbox One. I am so excited that Rocksteady is back on board with Batman games and this […]


Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement, Rocksteady Is Back Baby

Today is that day we get a great announcement that Rocksteady is back where they belong bringing us the Batman that we all deserve! Batman: Arkham Knight features the last will and testament of Thomas Wayne leads Bruce in the […]